Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vacation Part 2, Meet a cutie

In my last post I only made it up to day 3 in our vacation ---- there is soooo much more!!!
On day 4 we went to the grand land its self--- Magic Kingdom. By this time Carson just absolutely was so in love with everything Mickey Mouse. It was sooo cute and so great to see his excitement. Every Mickey he saw came with squeals and glee. :) until we saw the actual Mickey or any life-size characters and that was just not cool.
Waiting to ride the boat over. 

My cutie nephew

Me and Charity :)

This was probably mommy's favorite part. 

Everything is bigger at Disney

including smiles

Donald Duck tried so hard to make Carson smile. 

Even blew us kisses. It was really neat there were about 100 people in our area and D.D. Keyed in on us.
I was wearing my Redefining Spina Bifida shirt. He pointed at it and gave me a thumbs up. :) 

Still watching the parade with alot of questions. Why is Goofy holding me? 

Just too cute!!!

We had a blast!!! The best part was of course being together and spending some family time.  We are so
blessed and so thankful for our boys.

My brother Cody is in the middle. :) 

Carson's favorite part of all of Disney might have been this balloon. He would not let it go and played with it all through our vacation. 
 On Saturday- Day 5    We stuck around in Orlando for a few more hours and hit the Hollywood Studios Park
Meeting my heroes. 

Pizza Planet

We watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puppet show. 
Then we hit the road and headed to Tampa. And there is lots more to come.

 October is National Spina Bifida awareness month. Although I am catching up on our vacation..... I intend to include in this months posts some pretty amazing things to talk a little more about Spina Bifida. I want you to see what it means for us and for the others that we know living with Spina Bifida. When Carson was first diagnosed I thought he would miss out on so many opprtunities. Often times Drs. give you a very negative outlook on the quality of life that these children will have. They are so wrong!!!!!! 

A life with Spina Bifida is joyous and full of fun. We just went to Disneyworld. 

So Here's my first little cutie..... eating ice cream! 

 Arwen- She is 1 year old.
Yum Yum Yum

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  1. I'm so sorry we missed you while you were in town, and hope there will be another opportunity to meet up some day. Looks like a great time! I can't wait to take Charlie to Disney!