Monday, October 3, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness part 3

In last nights post I mentioned that today I was going to discuss some of the other conditions that go hand in hand with spina bifida--- I changed my mind. :) I shall do that in a upcoming post. Tonight I want to just show off some cuties who are living with spina bifida.

                                                                           Meet Danny
 He is 17 months old and just started walking!  His favorite game is peek-a-boo and although he has no words yet, he has A LOT to say! He is all sweetness and full of love.
                       16 months old
Determined, Irresistible, and Miraculous
Charlie is a little miracle!!!! His very birth is a testament that he is a gift from God. Charlie is always doing something silly, and has the most beautiful eyes with a sparkling light in them. He also is pure little boy and keeps laughter at an all time high in his house. 

Brooklyn Skye Gibson 2 1/2. 3 in Dec.
independent, happy, courageous. 
Brooklyn is such a cutie. She is so active and so full of energy. Nothing stops 
this girl She is so amazing!!!

Our journey with spina bifida has been blessed by all the sweet miracles we've met and gotten to know. Their mommy's have become some of my closest friends. I am so happy to share with you their sweet smiles in hope that you might understand what it really is.
Please email me ( if you want your child featured. Please include a
picture, their age, and three words to describe them.   


  1. Love what you wrote about Charlie and all the sweet loves featured today!

  2. trying to catch up on all these posts...been in meetings and without good connections for days it seems!