Monday, October 10, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness day 9

I took yesterday off   :) But tonight I am back with two little boys.

This is Kingsley

This is Carson's peep Kingsley (He- he - loved your blog with Kingsley at the computer)  When I started reading about this cutie he was going through a very difficult time and facing some intense surgeries. I was so hooked on this little boy and his smile and his family's strength and courage.They are also just super sweet. Since they are from Canada, this week is Thanksgiving for them. I know that as they count their blessings, they count Kingsley. He's such a treasure.

Evan- Happy, Spirited, Loving
Yesterday was Evan's 2nd birthday!!!!!! I cannot believe that he is 2. This guy is a sweet-heart and a flirt. When I got to see him back in June all he wanted to do was just give me this "Hey there" smile. Oh he's super snuggly too!!!! :) Happy Birthday buddy. Tell mommy to give you extra kisses from me. :) Oh and give her a hug from me.


  1. Two of my favorite boys EVER! I love the pics - so sweet! I'm so glad Jet has such inspiring, brave, happy boys in his company. :)

  2. OH, I love it!! Such sweet words, thank you so much!!