Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whats been going on.....

 Our Christmas this year was so wonderful and so much fun, and I cannot wait to blog all about it...... Next week. :) In the meantime.... Here are some pictures taken in the last couple weeks around our house. These were all just too much fun.... so I wanted to share/save them.
Eating licorice.... The whole thing has to go in....

One of Carson's favorite things right now is football/baseball..... He even says these words very clearly. Now before you ask..... He still grunts or squawks if you ask him to say mommy. But football and baseball are key words.... Any way this is him playing football with the baseball. :) He's tackling it. He will do this for hours. Sometimes I swear he even says huh huh hike.

Silas has started standing!! Well instead of exclamation points I mean AAAHHHHHH.

He is into EVERYTHING!!!!! He started crawling and standing right at the same time..... Within hours of each other. SERIOUSLY! This has made for one crazy little monkey, and one very tired mommy.

This train set was a birthday present. My heart melted to see daddy and Carson playing together.

Lots of eating has taken place..... But still no teeth on this little man. ???????
Sledding was on our Winter bucket list...But no snow in sunny CALI. so we sledded indoors. :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

and were all caught up :)

Oma came to visit!!!!!! Yay!!! Wish she were here again. :)
Opa came too but he's too skinny for you to see in the picture.

Silas celebrated his first Thanksgiving!! Here he is playing with some mashed potatoes.

He did not want them to get away :) It was all business from here on out. Turkey, stuffing, ham, green beans, rolls. The boy ate and ate. I didnt get any more pictures because if I stopped feeding him for a healf second he squawked at me.

An adorable puppet show put on by cousins.

When we go to Aunt Jo's house we ride something... well mostly. :) He-he that was a reminder to you Cody

YA Let's go! The jeep had no power so there was no moving and no danger

We can fly too!

Silas' first Thanksgiving round 2 (theres another couple of pics I cant get to upload- will try again tomorrow.)

Picking out our Christmas tree- I wanted this one.

We ended up with this one. :)


What is this? I tried to eat it and it bit me.

Church Nursery :) They would both laugh hysterically at each other for no apparent reason. Too funny.

Silas joined in on the laughing too.

And the part I wish I could ignore. Carson's first MRI. Oh ps. This floor passed my clean test. :) and got approved to be crawled on... Thumbs up Neuro's office. :) Carson had his first MRI. The results were exactly what I had expected and hoped not to hear. He does indeed have a tethered spinal cord.  ( Easy explanation----- Scar tissue has built up around Carson's back scar. This has basically caused his spinal cord to be stretched. It also has caused his Cerebral Spinal Fluid to be hindered from flowing freely, He has developed cavities of fluid. This can cause further damage, and may inhibit progress) We are unsure at this time about what we are going to do, surgery is how a tethered cord is corrected. The tricky part is making that call. If he is not demonstrating symptoms then we would wait to do surgery. But maybe his lack of progress is a result of this ???????? AHHHHH I hate not knowing----- we return for a follow-up MRI in March. At that point we will probably make the call. Please be praying for that appt. 

Despite all that news---- Carson did fantastic through his MRI!!!!! He is such a champ
OK so in summary! We are blessed and so very thankful for both of our boys and each and every day that we get to spend making memories. Every day is a memory. And every day is a blessing. Some days those memories mean that we face some hard stuff but that doesnt mean that it's not frosted with joy Just like this picture above --- while we were discussing his MRI. I'm sitting in the chair staring at a screen, trying to take all the info. in. I look down at Carson playing and laughing. - This is what our life is. Its crazy, its unpredictable, it's scary, it's wonderful, and it's so much fun.

Love, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Catching up- Birthday Party!!!!

Carson's Birthday party was a blast and I only cried twice. :) We did a Thomas theme and Carson got to use his halloween costume for his party. It was so perfect!!! The day was great. Spent with good friends and family celebrating our amazing and perfect little man.
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, My Carson, Happy Birthday to you!

The cake was so good!

This is Carson's therapist and her family decorating train cookies! We consider them great friends!
Our adorable buddy! He was winking. :)

This is a build- a- bear (monkey) in a wheelchair!!!!!! This was where the tears came out. It is so sweet

I opened the presents

And Carson got so excited each time

He would smile and then just laugh. :)

The adults got to play a game which included some pretty funny responses.

Thank you to all who joined us and sent sweet wishes for a happy birthday. It was a great time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

getting caught up. :)

Hi there!
     Hello there!!

Its been a while and I have a lot of catching up and splainin to do :) I have been trying for 3 days now to get a big post put together that recounts the last month. It has been unsuccessful, and for some crazy reason it takes me about 5 mins to load 2 pictures. I cannot just skip the pictures. :) and I cannot get all those pictures to upload so I am going to have to do this the harder. longer way. :) We will take it one step at a time.

Carson turned 2.... yep it happened. Regardless of how I felt about it... it happened. The boy is now 2. All of a sudden it just kinda happened and now I dont think he is ever going to stop getting older. :)

We had hoped to be able to head out of town and maybe do Disney but that didnt work out and it ended up being a rainy day. And just kinda one of those days where everyone seems a little off, even my camera and I didnt get good pictures. :(  We stayed home, and played. :)

He has a cookie in his mouth. :)

How we both feel about him turning 2.... Well his was more sad because I told him he had to wait before he could have another cookie.

Everytime I asked him how old he was he would say 1- when I told him and showed him 2 he would squawk at me and shake his head.

Dear Carson-
Happy 2nd birthday sugar. I love you more than words could ever say. You are so special and so wonderful to me. STOP GROWING THOUGH. It seems like just yesterday you were a wee little guy and you would make all those silly little faces figuring things out. You snuggled so tight, and you ate everything. It happened too fast...... I am so proud of you, and am so very blessed to me your mommy. I love it when you get excited at things and wave your arms in the air. I love your smile, when you start dancing, and how you eat 3 yogurts a day and still ask for more. Right now your favorite things are balls, and caillou. Oh well, anything that would be considered a dessert is top priority too. :) You hate bedtime, and you still hate diaper changes (here's a secret I do too) You are a wonderful big brother, and Silas adores you. I love how you pretend to laugh to make him laugh... and then how we all end up laughing because its just too funny and too wonderful of a moment.  I love you I love you I love you!!!!! I pray for you everyday baby boy. I pray that you will grow in strength and wisdom. I hope that you will be sweet, kind, patient, strong, and Godly. The Lord has a special plan and purpose for you. It may not always be easy, hunny, but it will always be what's best. You were created by him uniquely, and you were given to us so that we could see His love and His goodness. I hope that this next year is the best one yet. Happy Birthday!!!!! Oh, and ps. If you need me call me... no matter where you are.... and keep on shining your little light.... don't hide it under a bushel.

I will do a separate post about his party. Those pictures are on the  memory card that I cant get loaded correctly. AAAHHHH This technology stuff. Here are just a few more pictures...

7 months old

just had to get one of these for future embarrassment :)

Old West day at church- seriously he was adorable!!!