Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whats been going on.....

 Our Christmas this year was so wonderful and so much fun, and I cannot wait to blog all about it...... Next week. :) In the meantime.... Here are some pictures taken in the last couple weeks around our house. These were all just too much fun.... so I wanted to share/save them.
Eating licorice.... The whole thing has to go in....

One of Carson's favorite things right now is football/baseball..... He even says these words very clearly. Now before you ask..... He still grunts or squawks if you ask him to say mommy. But football and baseball are key words.... Any way this is him playing football with the baseball. :) He's tackling it. He will do this for hours. Sometimes I swear he even says huh huh hike.

Silas has started standing!! Well instead of exclamation points I mean AAAHHHHHH.

He is into EVERYTHING!!!!! He started crawling and standing right at the same time..... Within hours of each other. SERIOUSLY! This has made for one crazy little monkey, and one very tired mommy.

This train set was a birthday present. My heart melted to see daddy and Carson playing together.

Lots of eating has taken place..... But still no teeth on this little man. ???????
Sledding was on our Winter bucket list...But no snow in sunny CALI. so we sledded indoors. :)



  1. Love all the pics! Such a cute family. Gotta love having boys! :)