Monday, March 25, 2013

Here's what happened...

On Saturday morning at 6am I was awakened by Elise. This is unusual for her to wake up so early. Usually she wakes up around 7:30. 7 is considered early. I did not want to get up and I waited in bed for a extra minute. I first tried to calm her down and get her to go back to sleep. She wouldn't. So I went ahead and began feeding her. While feeding her I heard a very strange noise coming from the boy's side of the house. I listened for a few minutes and just couldn't figure out what the noise was. It was very soft but constant. I called Bob out of bed, and asked him if he would go check on the boys. The next thing I heard was him saying Carson's name in a very panicky way. I set Elise down and found Bob with Carson. Carson was having a major seizure. I ran out our front door to our neighbors house who is a nurse. She came right over, as soon as she saw Carson she said, "Call a ambulance!" I did. I spoke so calmly with the dispatcher as she asked me what was going on and how he was doing. A ambulance was en-route but would be several minutes. Lacy threw out stats to me to relay. 9 breaths a minute..... I remember looking at my precious baby boy pale and blue-lipped and just being completely overwhelmed with fear and yet perfect peace at the same time. Time ticked by so slowly... I sat down and placed my hands on Carson and prayed. Prayed and prayed. Asked the Lord to help him stop seizing, asked him to save his life, asked him to help him breathe, asked for the ambulance to hurry.... Prayed and prayed and prayed. Finally we heard the ambulance so I ran outside to flag them down. Still minutes passed. As they arrived I was pushed further into the hallway where I couldn't see well what was going on. Oxygen mask, stretcher, and EMTs whispering amongst themselves. I just prayed. Within a few minutes they were rushing out the door. Bob went along and I stayed to wait for a family friend to arrive and stay with the kids. A neighbor arrived with a sweet hug, and words of encouragement. We all three discussed how calm I was and how unlike myself that is... We definitely associated this with the Lord giving me a peace. We already acknowledged how the Lord had used Elise to wake me up... God was actively amongst us, and He was in control.  I quickly finished feeding Elise, dressed, grabbed a few of Carson's favorite things and left. I made several phone calls on my way and updated my facebook status as Pray for Carson. In my heart I felt he would be fine but in my head I struggled with the fact that he was without oxygen and that the seizure was so long it would most definitely cause some damage. I arrived at the hospital to very little taking place. Carson was fast asleep. The calm in his room both comforted and frightened me... 1. he was okay and didn't need much attention or 2. The damage was irreversible and there was nothing they could do. The EMT spoke with me out in the hallway. She asked me a few questions about Carson's shunt. I found out that she knew the gal who had received the very first shunt. She also told me that Carson was a very lucky little boy. I remember her saying something about how his eyelids responded differently in her second assessment than her first assessment. But it didnt make sense to me. She stated that at first they didn't react, and then they did.... or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway she was very surprised that he was now stable and able to breathe on his own.  I talked with Bob and he stated a few of the facts regarding the tests they had done. Ct scan showed no real concerns. Chest x-ray looked good. the only thing found was a UTI. After about 30 minutes we met with a Pediatric Intensive Care Dr. He told us that Carson had a febrile seizure most likely due to the UTI. He stated that within a 4-6 hours we should see him return to normal. Around noon. This was absolutely wonderful news but I wondered to myself does he already think Carson has brain damage and that would be his normal??? I guess I just was so sure that brain damage was inevitable. And in that first hour or so he still looked that way. As the hours passed Carson would wake up and look around.... No verbal response. But I noticed in these glances that his eyes looked so much better and they werent glossy and lifeless. At about the 4 hour mark they decided to move Carson up into the PICU . During the move Carson was stirred awake quite a bit and in the new room the nurses did alot of poking, prodding, and assessing. Carson fussed at them, and tried to squat them away. He told them, "I feel better" :) Oh the joy of hearing him fuss at them. Proof that he was indeed himself. Sweet sweet proof. The day passed pretty much in a blur. He would sleep, wake for a few minutes, and then return to sleeping.... but we knew that he was just fine.

I know the Lord is amazing, I know this, I know he is powerful, and I know he answers our prayers. But it still amazes me when I see Him so real in our lives. It is a absolute miracle to us that Elise woke up and had me in a position where I was able to hear Carson. If he had continued seizing unnoticed it is very likely that he would have suffocated.... and from our bedroom we would never had heard him.  AMAZING!!! And the entire time the Lord protected our sweet boy... Our friend Lacy was just as amazed as I was that he didnt suffer any brain damage.... The EMT was amazed that his condition changed, and we brought him home just after 24 hours of this whole ordeal happening. We grabbed starbucks on the way home, and went to pizza for lunch. The only apparent symptom of the whole ordeal is he is still pretty sleepy. There are two things that I cannot stop doing today as I remember this and retell the story. The first is Praise the Lord!!! and the second is hold Carson tight, enjoying every sweet smile, and every indicator that he is just fine.

Zephaniah 3:17 - The LORD thy God in the midst of thee [is] mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

Psalms 95:1 - O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.

As I left the hospital and headed home around 1pm the very first song that played was titled "I choose" The song talks about how we face trials, we face difficult situations, and moments when we have no control. Trusting God at that point is a choice. I remember first hearing this song just after we had Carson.... and we have chosen to trust the Lord. And He has been more than merciful, and mighty, and amazing!!! The second song I heard was "Abundant Sunshine" and certainly I had abundant sunshine in my soul. :) Easter is later this week.... This is always such a special time in our lives as Christians. For we do indeed serve a risen Saviour. He's alive. He conquered death so that we might know His power, and feel His presence. He's alive.... My hope is not dead.... It's alive and I've had the privilege once again of seeing Him work in our life.

Thank you all so much for your sweet encouragement! Texts, phone calls, fb messages. This blessed us!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers. We were talking to Carson last night and praising the Lord together. We were telling Him how God saved his life, and how God answered the prayers of many. He asked us who prayed.... We started telling him and honestly it was people all over the world. We have sweet friends throughout the United States, friends in Canada, friends on mission fields in Africa, Chile, Europe. Thank you!!!

Love from our corner once again to yours!!