Thursday, April 19, 2012


Wow! So my last post was in February---- Yikes!!!!!

Here's the spill with pictures to recap ya some.

Silas finally got some teeth and we celebrated with his first rib

Ugggh my baby is growing up way too fast!

Driving like a grandpa

"Watch it you, youngster... I'm driving here."

We decided to hop over to Disneyland one day... Carson was so scared on the trip at first because he assumed we were going to the dr. when we got to the part of la he recognized... When we told him we were going to Disneyland this was his reaction.

Riding Dumbo with daddy
If you look really close you can see Carson with his hands in the air.

napping through the Dumbo

Carson signing "more"

Tea- cups

That bird took his cracker

Late night entertainment

One day I heard this funny noise that I could not place... I found Silas in my bathroom cabinet playing with a ball.

so bummed that i chopped off the top!  I just love this picture

Our neighbor and Carson playing with the "equipment"

Hmmm.... I left the room for 2 minutes and this is what I returned to.

Bob's new job (which is awesome) put on a egg hunt for the kids

Silas and his first egg

Carson was mostly after the sports eggs

Theres one daddy!

Carson loved the Easter bunny!

Easter Sunday

Egg hunt after church

First Easter basket- we didnt have to explain what to do

Showing off his treats


carson and Mema

The  family minus Papa who was sleeping on the couch after lunch :)

Alot has taken place in the last couple months and we have been extremely busy. Things are going phenomenal and we are so blessed.

* Bob did get a new job and that has been a huge change but a great change. This job is set up so that he gets every other Friday off!!! We did have to switch over our insurance and that has been a big change as we have been meeting lots of new doctors and getting all the testing done for Carson for each one. We have had soo many appointments the last few weeks. Praise the Lord though... I was so terrified to make this switch. We were very comfortable with the doctors that Carson had all of which we have had since his birth.... BUT we are so happy with each of the new doctors. In fact his new neurosurgeon actually worked alongside his former neurosurgeon. His new Urologist actually believes that children with Spina Bifida can be potty-trained, and gave us a plan to start with... His former urologist told me I was crazy and that I should not even try until he was much older. So praise the Lord for this switch!!!

* Silas went from no teeth to three teeth... Yes three. Two on bottom and one on top right off to the side giving him a nice little fang.

* Silas started walking on March 28... He took about 20 steps and now he goes and goes.

* Through Shriners we were able to get Carson a set of KAFOS and they were absolutely free to us!!! If you remember we were told that it would be about $3,000- $5,000 out of our pocket through insurance. Praise the Lord for places like Shriners. Carson is rocking these braces. About one month ago I asked his pt if we could try a walker... I know that she was super hesitant and neither of us expected him to really do much with it... I just wanted to try and see; get a idea of what we needed to work on. WELL- at his very first attempt he was able to stand!!! His next attempt he was able to shift his weight from side to side. His third attempt he was kick a ball!!! Yes- He lifted up his leg and kicked the ball! We are not quite sure of this is a voluntary kick or a involuntary kick in response to him shifting his weight. Either way this is awesome! and either way that is what we need to get him walking! Seriously this mommy is so happy and proud.

* I am 16 weeks along on this third pregnancy and the morning sickness (which was so intense and severe that I was medicated throughout the entire pregnancy) has become much more mild and I am no longer taking the medication. I still am sick but it is by far less than with either of my former pregnancies!!! Maybe that means its a girl... LOL.. we will find out next week.

Well... I do believe that is about all... Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement!!! Love ya.