Saturday, January 30, 2010

   Hi Everyone! We hope that you are doing well. We are!!

  We went back down to La on Thurs. to meet with the pediatric surgeon in regards to Carson's hernia. We learned that it was a developmental problem that is very common. Nothing to worry about. The surgery to repair it is set for Mar.11, it is a very routine and common surgery, outpatient, in fact. We also got to re-introduce Carson to his delivery dr., the fantastic Mrs. Gumbs,  Mrs. Klecha, our amazing care coordinator, and Dr. Miller, the wonderful perinatologist that took my ultrasounds and gave us more insight on Carson's prenatal diagnosis . It was such a blessing to see them, and so neat to let them know how well Carson is doing. Just one of those times when we had the chance to show them that God has been so good. They were so happy to see him "shuntless", to hold him, and to see him smile. God placed these wonderful people in our lives and we cannot thank Him and them enough.

Afterwards, we shot over to none other than Mom's favorite spot... for a much needed sea-side meal. All in all it was just a wonderful day spent together.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a blessing shared

BabyCenter!!! Many of you have heard me talk about this wonderful group, and many of you are even my fellow friends. What a blessing!!!! When we found out that Carson would have Spina Bifida we did what any person in our techno age would do... we googled :) What we found was really rather frightening, and discouraging... We found out (according to a textbook) what we were facing with our little boy. Well.... Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  I also found  a group called Spina Bifida Kids through babycenter. I started reading the posts of blogs of others whose children were born with SB. I was reminded that God is in control, and that God is good. I learned through them and their adorable and wonderful kids that I could throw out the textbook. I learned that Spina bifida has an effect on our lives, but in no way is it a defect like we were told. I am so very blessed to have met, and become friends with these ladies. One particular friend, a kindred spirit of mine, and fellow youth pastors wife, started a website to help get more info. out about SB. To also change what expecting couples find when they google SB. This website is - hit the button on the right of this blog- the journey. Please check it out, I am guest blogging there on Tuesdays.

Update on Carson ----- The boy is keeping me busy :) He is starting to coo and reach for toys. TOO TOO cute!!! Please keep us in prayer. We go down to La again on Thursday to meet with a pediatric surgeon about his hernia. I will let you all know how that goes. Lots of love!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hold on to your boots!

Hey hey hey!!

     It will knock your socks off that I am already hitting ya with another post, but here I go. I just wanted to let you know about our appt. with the pediatrician this morning. The 2 month check-up .... (insert that deep, dreary, kinda scary background music) This was shot visit. (Now insert the Lone Ranger theme) cause Carson was such a hero. The man just held my hand, opened his mouth real wide, and then a slight fuss. GOOD BOY!!!! In fact, what's funny is there was a screaming baby down the hall and Carson's face was priceless. He gave me that OOOHHH face.

This is the one.  It  was a "mom, what is that kid doing?" kind of look. I told him, "Honey, I don't know but it's not something we ever want to try." And then he smiled, a smile almost as if he was saying, "Hmmm, screaming.. (mad scientist he-he)

 Now Really, The appt. went well. Our his was very pleased, and congratulated me :) with how well he is growing. Our man weighed in at 11 lbs. 9 ou. this morning. He was 23 1/4 inches long.  Apparently this puts him in the 46th percentile of growth. YAY!! His doctor just said for now we work on weight, somewhere between 9-12 months we'll work on the other surgeries he will need (feet, and hernia) then we'll work on walking. Step by step we will go. Not worrying, and not hurrying.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello All!!!

Hi there, everyone and HAPPY 2010 to you. I just realized this is our first post to the New year (he-he, time flys, and I've been having too much fun with this mommy thing, I haven't had the chance to sit and think and put up a worth- reading, exciting post. Oh, and, and I love you all so please pretty please forgive me for taking so long) Ok, enough explaining my lack of satisfying the "masses" as we call them. HERE HERE is my cute man now 9 weeks old.

We have had some pretty great and fun things happening- Carson enjoyed his first hockey game.

and his first real baths, he is still a little unsure what to think about those, but, he does enjoy watching mommy act silly and make funny noises.

Carson also got to meet the dr. that cared for me and him during pregnancy, the dr. who introduced us to our little miracle.

Carson also had his first X-ray (I am not posting this very revealing picture of my son) :) He-he.
We had our first appt. for the Orthopedic doc here in town and learned quite a bit.  We shockingly learned another one of Carson's firsts. His first broken bone. :( poor guy. We learned that Carson has had a broken femur, since birth and possibly even in utero. WOW HUH! but great news is that it is healing very well, and looks really good. We also learned that his spine looks really good for having SB. We also discussed the clubbed feet and dr. told us that it will be best to wait until Carson is older 9-12 month old and then do a release surgery with bracing. Carson does have a loose hip as well, something to be discussed later. SHOOWEE mouthful huh? It was a good visit and we were very pleased with how knowledgeable and informative this dr. was.

Well guys, Buddy just woke up :0 so that's my cue :) We Love you all, and thank you for your prayers.