Thursday, April 21, 2011


We're all set. The bags are packed, the rooms are ready, the clothes are ready, I"M READY!!!!! SOOOO READY!!!!! for Silas to arrive. We had our appointment this morning with the ob and he gave us the news that the hospital was booked for surgery on Monday morning. The earliest available appt. was at 5:30 in the evening. This would mean that I would not be able to eat, drink all day long.... which would result in me being very very sick because of the "morning" sickness that YES, I still have. As much as I would still be willing to go through all that for Silas getting to be here, and me not being pregnant any longer.... Dr. and Bob said no. The new scheduled c-section (and this ought to be chiseled in a stone tablet) is Wednesday, April 27 at 7:30 am.

The Rooms are ready!!!! After much much much hard work and a month of Saturdays... the boys rooms are ready to go. carson moved into his new "big" boy room about 2 weeks ago. This room includes shelving which Bob made (proud smile) that will work as a perfect table/desk with his wheelchair.He is able to slide right in and have a area that he can play on.
He loves the cars.... we are constantly having to go along the road and talk about the cars.

Yes, that is a big boy bed.... and yes, I cried.

Here's the shelving. Way to go Bob. :)

Now the nursery. :) I chose a cowboy theme and i set out to find some cowboy gear. Well everything was just too pretty or too expensive. My Uncle has been in ranching for years so I sent my aunt a message asking if they had anything leftover that I might take a look at it. :) HUGE YAY!!!!! She brought me some amazing things and I couldn't be happier with how well they fit into the room.

These were my cousins when they were little. :)

There we go!!! The only thing missing is the quilt, the boots and the hat. They will be up as soon as I can get the laundry caught up. :)

And what would be an update to the blog without some pics of a cute smiling face. :) Here's Carson.... He is watching his favorite videos on Youtube.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's up

He loves to ride!!! This has however been harder with my big belly chasing him around the house. :) Lots of laugh I guarantee you.

I took him to Toys r Us in his wheelchair. This was our first shopping outing with his chair. Yes, I cried. Carson did very well scooting his chair around to look at the toys. We're improving!!!!

He knows he's cute.

Oma and Opa Gray were in town with us!!!!!

He does look like his dad... I admit.

Eats like him too. :)

We went bowling with the youth group. Carson got in on the fun. :)

Yes, I cried about this too. :)

He did a good job at waiting his turn.

Loved to be cheered on.

I intend to get back on here today or tomorrow and put up pictures of the boy's rooms. That's what has really kept us busy the last few weeks. I am so excited about how they turned out. :) Silas is set to arrive on Monday, April 25. If I don't make it on here before though. We do want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!!!! Love from our family to yours.