Friday, January 13, 2012

December comes but once a year

 My favorite time of year is October, November, December. Particularly December. To me these months are crazy! They are jam-packed with different things to do, places to go, people to see. AND I LOVE IT! To me these months are full of memory making opportunities. So tonight's post covers 53 photos- 53 memories. :) Oh there are at least 500 more pictures I can upload if you don't think we have enough. :)
Saw this great photo idea on pinterest... he-he that baby was eating the lights like mine though.
Theirs was so perfect in it's lighting, and idea. I think mine is perfect in it's real life sense.

We spent a night as a family at our local zoo- they do a light walk

There's a carousel. :)

and a train ride

This picture captures what Carson thinks of the train tride.

It was a great night out together.

For those of you not aware California is still 70 degrees in December. So we needed some ice cream during our shopping.

This was Silas' first trip



Attach back!                                                         Current weigh ins-  Carson 24 lbs 8 ounces; 33 inches long  Silas- 24 lbs 5 ounces; 27 1/2 in. So wrestling is a pretty even match. :)

he really is a cutie

They both are.

 I just cant even believe how blessed we are. A house, a home, where family and love abide. Its amazing! God is so good- so very good! Christmas is the best time to praise Him, and thank Him. His goodness, his grace, and His gift.

Keeping with tradition I put the Christmas pictures together with a poem. 

Twas the night before Christmas,

 Our Carson was mellow,

And Silas was quite a happy fellow

There was great food, and our tummy's were full

The presents were opened and this one was cool

A basketball which got thrown all over

I think Silas got tired of being the rover

And soon very soon the night came to an end

And sleep did the bottle to Silas send

But Santa had plans after the boys went to sleep

And in the morning when their eyes did peep

It was Christmas morning- There was much to do

Open the presents and play with all things new

Doing this -- Carson had so much fun

From Silas- a shirt that says as a brother he's number one

Each gift opened brought laughter and squeals

Clothes, movies, puzzles, books, balls

and hot wheels

Our Christmas was more wonderful than words could ever say

I hope that these pictures that did display (Carson made this- so funny)

We are so blessed and so happy together

Whether a sunny day or colder weather
(Note to Carson- Do not leave your popsicle laying around near Silas, note to self- do not leave SIlas anywhere in the near vicinity of a popsicle unattended)

Sometimes were dressed up

Sometimes we just play

And laughter throughout each day

But there are smiles

The Lord has a plan and a purpose in all

And we really are just having a ball.
Now were sorta caught up, but there is some more
Soon to come cause right now my eyes are sore. :)