Friday, March 25, 2011

Catching up

Well it has been a while since our last post so I thought I might go through a little synopsis of what we've been up to around here. Silas' "planned" arrival is only 4 weeks away. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like such a nerd taking my  own snapshots in the bathroom mirror. Just  havent had a chance to get any otherwise. LOL But here is a baby bump picture. I hate it now but I am sure I will regret later that don't have so many more.

OK. So that is big news, and there is so very much to do before this little guy arrives. He is doing great.... Wiggling constantly leaving me feeling very much like I'm riding in the teacups at Disneyland. My dr. asked me yesterday about being sick.... and yes, I am still sick. His response was merely a "Hmmm,  your'e one of those. "  Lucky me right? Any ways this pregnancy really has already helped me to make Carson become more independent. He is doing fantastic with independent play. He is also showing fantastic improvements in.....

     Crawling around- He doesn't fight me with it anymore. He is enjoying the discovery aspect and likes to get into things. :) YAY!!!! Sounds odd that a mother wants her child into the cabinets and drawers...But Oh how I do. Part of our problem I feel was that he didnt have the desire to "go check it out" That desire is increasing and so is his ability!!!!! Today he even came and found me!!!!

 And the wheelchair has come back into our lives!!!! We put it up about 2 months ago. Everytime we put Carson into it he would cry and act like he was scared. No idea why, but his therapist recommended that we remove it and just wait. Well one of our house projects includes some shelving in Carson's room where he could sit with in his chair and play, almost like a desk. We needed to measure the height so we placed him in the chair. Without hesitation he took off- both hands on the wheels and wheeled himself from the hallway into the kitchen and then back to the living-room. It was AMAZING!!!! Bob and I stood there dumbfounded yet cheering him on. Here he wheeled himself with one hand and pushed the broom with the other.
 Mom's already putting him to work- He thinks he's playing broom-ball.

It has been my prayer for months now that he would gain more independence and more mobility especially with baby #2 coming so quickly. Please pray for that as well. The Lord is hearing that prayer I know and giving me the assurance that He did plan this all along and it is for good. :)

Carson also got his first set of Spiderman pajamas. In our families this is sorta like getting your driver's license or going off to college. ITS BIG!!!! LOL.

We also recently visited the Reagan Presidential Library. What a amazing trip that was. Carson was absolutely wonderful and I made it safely through all the walking. It was so worth it, and I look forward to going again. Here are a few pictures from our trip. I will put some more up on the next post. (different cameras on different computers)

Doesn't this just speak volumes to our hearts spina bifida moms. This is our kids.

Have I ever mentioned my son is a huge flirt?????

This is Lexi- one of Carson's girls.

She is also a girl who has so much faith in Carson, so much trust in the Lord's purpose for his life. She is twelve years old and frequently she will mention something about how special he is. How much a gift he is. She has a spina bifida t-shirt and wears it frequently in support for Carson. On this particular trip she almost brought me to tears. Just off to our left here is a picture of Ronald Reagan walking what appears to be a corrider in the White House. The purpose is a photo opportunity where you line yourself up and look like you are walking beside him. Lexi noticed this and simply said, "Wouldn't it be great to see Carson walking there next to President Reagan?" She said it with such hope too, such faith. She is a special gal to us and obviously to Carson. :)

He was pointing and trying to say plane. SOOO cute!

More to come of the library-- promise. Thank you for your continued prayers!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why do we face trials

By definition a trial is defined as a testing, or proofing. It is the difficulty a person must overcome to obtain a certain result. We all face trials. We all face certain hardships or difficulties in our life. In my opinion, nobody faces the same trials. Yes, there may be certain similarities at times.... but greater are the differences. We cannot compare our trials to another just as we cannot compare our fingerprints. I believe that the Lord personally prepares our trials. Yes, I believe that He cares enough to individually prepare my trial, and likewise cares enough for you to make yours unique and personal as well.

Why do we face them????

My personal belief is we face trials so that we may see the goodness and the power of God at work in our lives and better appreciate the blessings we have been given.

Trials are meant to point us to the Lord. I believe that He does give us more than we can handle (on our own) and that He does this in His wisdom and His goodness. You see if I could handle everything on my own, I wouldn't need Him.  I wouldn't have to fall on my knees in tears and ask for his help and his strength. But oh how I do.... I need Him. The blessing is that He is always there, He always strengthens me and I get to see Him working and using a trial for His glory.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

I can pinpoint in my life certain trials. With each of those trials that I have been through I can pinpoint the blessing and the work that the Lord did and I can rejoice in the prayers that he answered and the way He worked. He has proven to me that He is more than faithful and has shown me that His plan is best.

 I still struggle. I still question. I still doubt.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." --- Proverbs 3:5-6. 

I must awaken each and every day asking the Lord to guide me, to strengthen me, and use me. I must not worry, or fret, or question. If I spent my day in worry I would miss the blessings that surround me. God is so good!!!! And there is so much happiness and so much joy every day. 

Today while we were at lunch I was giving Carson some pizza. You know tearing some pieces off and setting him up a little plate of bite size pieces. This worked great... for a while. Well Carson had other plans while I was lost in conversation with Bob. These pictures are after he downed a good about of the piece I had on my plate. :)

Was this yours?
Mine now.
Look Mom, I don't even need my hands

In just two days this boy will be 16 months.... And if you have any questions about how he's doing I think these pictures can speak louder than words. :)