Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy First Father's day!

Dear Dada

There are some things I’d like to say,
But I can’t quite talk in the same way.

So Mama sat and helped me out,
I told her all these things… No doubt.

I told her that I loved you so,
And that  you are my hero.

I told her that you are so great,
On my list number one you rate.

 I love to sit upon your lap,
And watch the game, or take a nap. 

I love to laugh and play with you,
Being tickled, or playing peek-a- boo.

You make me smile from ear to ear
Holding my hand can erase all fear.

For your example is faithful  and strong,
Kind, and Godly, with patience so long.

You’re always there for mom and me,
Together we’re one great family.

Thank you Dada for all that you do,
Happy first Fathers day… I love you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marathon update

You can put your tongues back in your mouth. No, I did not run a marathon. I am updating you on all that has taken place in the last few weeks since I last blogged. WOW! my last one was Carson's 6 month update.. Old news now. :) Things have been so very busy in Carson's corner of the woods. To keep your interest I will minimize the words and post pictures. Everyone enjoys that. 

--- Uncle Toto and Auntie Re came to visit!!!! It was so very very very nice to see them, and Carson just fell in love with them... as I knew he would.

--- Had Spina Bifida clinic. Saw the urologist, Carson will need a minor surgery to fix what they believe is causing the bladder issue. We will hopefully piggy- back this with his hernia repair. 
---- My daddy was in the hospital, doing great now and is all moved to Florida. Before he left we got a chance to spend some time together.

----- Carson got teeth! 

---- Carson gave us a scare with some "vomiting". We thought that maybe it was hydrocephalus related so we rushed him down to the er at Childrens hospital. They did a ct scan and wanted to keep us over the weekend for observation and discuss placing a shunt on Monday. ie.. the dr. took the weekend off and we can't send you home. Well after realizing how bad of an idea it would be to keep him there all weekend and then consider surgery once he and us were totally exhausted, and since Carson was doing very well. Bob and I discussed it with the resident pediatricians and we broke free. He had no further episodes and we believe that it was most likely due to the fact that he over ate.

---- Saw the ortho. and got molds for his feet braces. I would like to add a blessing to this. While the casts were off and we were waiting for the dr. I played with Carson and did some of his therapy routines. While we were playing he was trying to roll front to back, well I gave him a little help and got him set up. He lifted his legs up at his thighs. It was a slight movement but praise the Lord for this miracle moment.

---- Saw  the neurosurgeon and reviewed the results from the ct scan. The scan showed only minimal increase in ventricular size, millimeters. We discussed the shunt placement and decided to hold off a little longer since he is developing well and showing no signs of trouble. This is a tough choice because Carson's head circumference has him in the 98th percentile, but with no significant increase showing on the scan we have a tough fence to walk on of is it growth or Hydro. Please keep this in your prayers. 

---- And in between all the coming and going. We have just had some fun hanging out. 

Psalms 145:3  Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable