Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our new addition


  On September 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm we welcomed our first little girl, Elise. I am personally a huge fan of scheduled c-sections. I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I woke up around 7 am showered, played with and got the boys ready. Around 9 am B and I headed over to the hospital. We were both super excited! .

After all this was our first little girl! The c-section was scheduled for 12:30. We arrived right around 9:30... what was really funny is that they sent us straight to labor and delivery to check in. There was a line at the nurses station. Two other women stood before me both in labor... One in significant pain. They both kinda looked at me rather funny because there I was smiling, laughing with Bob, and holding my bag not in labor whatsoever. C-section I said to them with a smile. I was told to wait in the hall until the nurses could clear a room. Obviously those other gals had priority. :) 
Here we are with the traditional belly shot... I gained 16 pounds this pregnancy... Bob gained... Well. :) Let's just say he's a great daddy and supports me and my cravings 100% ... even though the lucky booger still hasn't had to do any midnight runs.

So if you've had a c-section, you know that there is mostly just a lot of waiting around in a room... about 2 hours of just waiting... they make you sign papers, hook you up to an iv (only took 3 attempts this time!!!) draw blood, and then make you wait...We met with my dr. who was wearing a shirt displaying different hot sauces and in large letters across the front it said "hot stuff" ... This caused us and the nurse quite a laugh. The anesthesiologist came in and also introduced himself.

Finally the moment arrives when they wheel you into the operating room... Its freezing cold, and pretty intimidating... My c-section with Silas was not a good experience so
I was extremely scared. Well this time around they were playing soft rock music. Kai, the anesthesiologist was already in full swing with his comedy routine... He was dancing around and cracking jokes. He has 5 children himself and so he had quite a few stories to tell. Let me tell you... that man was a godsend. I was very panicked and stressed and he calmed me down and helped me to relax and actually enjoy the experience (as best you can totally numb from head to toe)
There was alot of talking amongst him and my dr. and of course the joke of there being twins.... or the joke that she was a he. 

At 12:58 there she was... Our little beauty... Daddy got to watch her being pulled out (which he thought was really cool) and then cut the cord (which grossed him out) , and then I got to peek at her and give kisses (which I thought was amazing).

 Beautiful in every single way!!!  Its so so unexplainable the joy you feel at those first peeks. 

 This girl was not a fan of her first bath but look at how stinkin adorable that headwrap is. :) And then our nurse made a bow out of the hospital hat. :)

 We enjoyed some time alone together in the recovery room...In fact we were in there forever it seemed like.  B and I were pretty speechless and just so happy.  I just love love love that man. He is an incredible father and a wonderful husband. There are four moments when I thought my heart would burst... When I married him, and then at the birth of each of our babies.

As soon as we got to a room we were ready for visitors and so anxious to show her off to family and friends.
 Mrs. L, and Al being the first to arrive. They so sweetly swung by Kohls and brought me the little sister outfit that I had wanted so badly. Thank you again!!!!

Next came B's parents and the boys!!! The boys were pretty surprised. Silas ran straight over and wanted to hold her. He of course thinking that I was offering him a new toy. Carson was more hesitant this time around. I think that the hospital setting gave him some uneasiness and he was more content to just watch. I had seen a idea on Pinterest to give the boys "big brother" bags. They both received them from sister at the hospital. The bags had mostly Mickey mouse items and they of course were very excited to have goodies and treats.
 playing with Mickey in the hallway.

 Grandma Greer came next and just smothered her and me :)  with kisses. We love our Greer grandparents!!!
 Preacher and his family came next! Thank you Pam for letting us borrow your camera!!!
 And to come and change the diaper was my best friend Lisa!!! This lady just melted my heart. She and Elise snuggled up in the chair and just about took naps together. :) Love you friend!

 Because we were borrowing a camera this is the last photo I have for day one at the hospital... It just might be my favorite though. :) Daddy and his girl!!!

Day 2 (pictures to come later) at the hospital brought more friends- Miss Chrissy and yummy cupcakes!!!
It was my roughest day of recovery..I couldn't sleep a wink from all the excitement, and physically just crashed by the end of the evening. The boys came and stayed with us for quite a while wearing their matching Mickey mouse shirts... Elise her Minnie Mouse outfit. Grandma greer came again, and so did Lisa, and her daugher Lexi.

These last photos were from her newborn session. A sweet and talented friend of mine gave this session and the photos to me as a gift!!!! xoxo !

Thank you all for your prayers, gifts, and sweet words of welcome!!!

Will post more about coming home, and the first six weeks next. 

Love from our corner to yours!