Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a blessing shared

BabyCenter!!! Many of you have heard me talk about this wonderful group, and many of you are even my fellow friends. What a blessing!!!! When we found out that Carson would have Spina Bifida we did what any person in our techno age would do... we googled :) What we found was really rather frightening, and discouraging... We found out (according to a textbook) what we were facing with our little boy. Well.... Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  I also found  a group called Spina Bifida Kids through babycenter. I started reading the posts of blogs of others whose children were born with SB. I was reminded that God is in control, and that God is good. I learned through them and their adorable and wonderful kids that I could throw out the textbook. I learned that Spina bifida has an effect on our lives, but in no way is it a defect like we were told. I am so very blessed to have met, and become friends with these ladies. One particular friend, a kindred spirit of mine, and fellow youth pastors wife, started a website to help get more info. out about SB. To also change what expecting couples find when they google SB. This website is spinabifidakids.blogspot.com - hit the button on the right of this blog- the journey. Please check it out, I am guest blogging there on Tuesdays.

Update on Carson ----- The boy is keeping me busy :) He is starting to coo and reach for toys. TOO TOO cute!!! Please keep us in prayer. We go down to La again on Thursday to meet with a pediatric surgeon about his hernia. I will let you all know how that goes. Lots of love!!!!

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  1. Me too! I found hope on baby center! I only read, never joined, but God totally used it for so many of us! I'm following spina bifida kids site too. I hope it will bless many scared parents who have yet to realize the joy God has dropped into their lives!
    Kimberly mom of Jonathan, born 2-16-09, L4-5, shunt & ACM II