Friday, October 7, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness- day 7

So last night I took a night off- Tonight I intend to make it up to you by showing off some cuties. Here's three awesome kiddos....

Meet Aleria Nevaeh.... FUNNY, sweet, and independent.  Oh this little girl just melts my heart, she is such a cutie! In this photo she is riding a amtryke which is an adaptive bicycle - Love it!!!!

Roman Potter
Smart. Hilarious. Miracle 

Roman is two and a half years old.  He's had 10 surgeries, 3 pairs of braces, 2 walkers, and has given me one million hugs, 3.2 million kisses, a lifetime of happiness and he's changed my life forever.
Currently his biggest problem is staying out of time-out when he refuses to pick up his toys. ;) 

I'd like to add that just recently Roman got a new pair of leg braces... and it was a challenge and a difficult thing for him to adjust to. Braces are bulky and odd looking. Carson currently uses a supine stander (I'll post a picture tomorrow) in his therapy.... this thing is a contraption with its straps and harnesses. Kinda scary. Carson doesn't like it when I first have to put him in it, and it can be hard as a mommy to do. However, I know this is what's best for him even though he doesn't understand it. Always though--- within a minute of standing tall he thinks he's the coolest kid on the block, and just beams.  Roman's mommy is amazing and has so much strength and courage. She faced this situation and shined through it with her ingenious ideas and her determination to help her son. I'm so proud of them potters!!!

This last photo is Lane

 3 words to describe him....strong amazing miracle
update- Lane is doing amazing! He is currently crawling EVERYWHERE, starting to pull up and cruise, and orienting to his walker. He is also learning to talk with a trach and thats with no speaking valve! I couldn't be prouder. Such a sweetie. This is a little boy that is saying "Take that spina bifida" so loudly the drs. are rewriting their medical books.
Lane will be 18 months on the 13th! 

 Thank you mommies for sharing your kiddos! They are so special! If you'd like your child or yourself featured please email me at