Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness

He's so silly and loves to make you laugh
We are coming to the close of our spina bifida awareness project. Just a few days left ( but these next few days will hold some pretty cool suprises- so keep looking here. ) It is my hope that you now realize a little more about what spina bifida is to us, what it means, and how it affects us. I hope that I have answered some questions and helped to better inform you. I feel that the best way to redefine spina bifida is to let people know what it really is.... The truth about it. It is a condition that has affected Carson's body. It does mean that we see more doctors, have therapy, and need to do some adaptations.  BUT to me, to us as a family,  Spina Bifida is merely just part of our life. It's not the biggest part in any way... just a sidenote. It is my greatest hope that we might have a part in helping others who also journey down our road. I want to be a blessing and an encouragement. I want them to know that they are not alone and that joy really is a part of our journey.Our day to day is completely average and we are regular joes. This last week we went to see Disney on Ice, made a trip to the pumpkin patch, made cupcakes, watched Thomas and Mickey Mouse way too much, played ball, did laundry, changed diapers, brushed our teeth, .... you know normal things. lol. Our life did change completely when we had a child join us.... COMPLETELY. And when we were told that Carson had spina bifida I grieved as if I had lost him. It affected me in a way that is really hard to explain, but I thought I was losing my dream to have a child, and do all those things that you do with children.... I was so wrong.

Always grinning

And eating
Very much a boy

Loves boy things- Cars, trains, balls, remote controls.

He's very Mischievous too.

Pretty stinkin cute though. :)

A ladies man......  The boy has girlfriends lined up...... ps. also notice the food in his mouth and reference earlier picture (always eating)  

And a adventure :)

If I could go back to diagnosis day and be able to know what I know now- see this little boy smile, hear his laugh, watch him grow, and hold him close..... I never would have worried or doubted. I never would have grieved losing him. Him being diagnosed with spina bifida is not a loss of anything. He is everything and so much more that I dreamed of... He's amazing! He teaches me what life really is, and what really matters. He makes me thankful, so thankful for things that I never even thought of. Things I would have otherwise taken for granted. I love him.... He's my miracle.

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