Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness day 5

On Sunday, I handed out Spina bifda awareness ribbons at our church. I spoke to our friends and family and asked that they would wear the ribbons to help us spread awareness. I admit that I forgot ours tonight in the bustle of getting out the door on time, which is why I was so thrilled tonight to see those who were still wearing their ribbons. It was even greater  to hear stories about how people had asked them about their pins!!!! WOO- HOO!!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!  It was a blessing to my heart to see your support. Keep it up!!!!

I'm aware. Are you?

We were in the church nursery together...  some 20 years ago ( don't want to expose our ages) lol.

Carson's Nana (Lisa) is on the right, and his great Nana (Mrs. Reynolds) is on the right. Lexi, in the middle, is probably my biggest spina bifida cheerleader. Then there's  Kyah on the bottom. She is Carson's target for chasing in his wheelchair. Oh and don't forget Rob he's just there to make me laugh if I'm having a bad day. Love this family!

 I love this kid! He has spina bifida. I want the world to know both. I'm so proud of him, and so blessed to have him as my own. 

Sometimes, one of the most important and necessary things we need on our journey with Spina bifida is support. Someone who will listen when you're struggling, and pray on your behalf.  So to those who have supported us Thank you!!! We love you!


  1. thanks again for posting all this great information and I enjoyed the pictures of people I know and love also!

  2. true statement of the love you have for your son. i hear you and we the world is your witness of your great love you have for your child who is so dear to you.
    My son is 3yrs with SB and i love him so much.
    I pray for families like you!