Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness day 8

Its a Saturday! I love Saturdays!!! Its a day that means family time and family time always means fun.

A face of Spina Bifida
That is what I wish to make you aware of today- Fun!

I have seen some posts running around this month to help make you aware of spina bifida and they are rather frightening..... and false!!! Spina Bifida does mean that there are some extra routines, and extra concerns. Extra appointments, and extra expenses- AT TIMES!!! Those extras though are by far in the minority. Most of the time we don't even think about Spina Bifida... We just live our lives and try to make the most of them in every way that we can. 

And in that sense- --- We have a lot of fun, regardless of whether Carson has spina bifida or not. It doesn't matter, and it doesnt change our Saturday's of play one bit. If you ever hear that Spina Bifida affects an individual's quality of life then you tell them they have no idea what life is. This is the life we always dreamed of living.... With our boys!

Look at this big boy!!!!
Isn't this my baby???

Oh Gracious!!!

No Silas' were hurt in the next few pictures and these attempts of riding together

This was Carson's idea- They both loved it.

Playing Croquet

He then decided why don't I just grab the ball and throw it....
And he rode off into the sunset....

Life is sweet and so good!  We are blessed beyond measure.... even with spina bifida.  You know I'd be so bold as to say that we are blessed because of spina bifida. We appreciate things that we would have otherwise missed.


  1. BEAUTIFUL post! Love it! And I can't believe that IS your baby! Holy smokes, didn't you have him a week ago or something? ;)

  2. I'm loving all your SB awareness posts! Really beautiful kiddos and sentiments. And I'm SUPER loving the new pics of Cars and Silas! Baby Silas is soooo big now! How did that happen!? And sweet Carson - eeeek! His adorable curls!! Where did those come from!? Out of nowhere and he's got beautiful curls popping up! Love him. So beautiful and smart and super smiley. :) Love you momma!

  3. I agree with Janna! Those curls are adorable!! Never noticed them before and the pics of Silas and Carson...what JOY!! Sweet parents too! Love ya!!

  4. Im 14 and I have spina bifida! And I agree that you do cherish things more than people and families who dont :)

  5. I am 31 with spina bifida and its very true cherish what u can do rather than dwell on what u can't do so many people forget that