Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some buddies

Here are a few more of our wonderful Spina Bifida buddies. I asked each mommy to send me a picture of their child and then describe their child in three words.
                                                                Loving, Handsome, Adventerous
- I'm adding absolutely awesome. Christian is five years old and has far exceeded expectations. His sweet spirit and determination give those of us with younger children so much to look forward to, and so much hope.
                                                                       Jet - The great!
                                                                    Funny, Flirty, Fearless

Jet is a happy, healthy little boy who just turned 2 in May. He's walking unassisted, has a VP shunt named Rocco, enjoys watching  Curious George, and has a crush on Cinderella. He's on a strict diet of grilled cheese and chocolate milk and just got his first pair of  SMO's so that mommy will quit woryring about him running around on  weak ankles. ;) He's our miracle boy, our sunshine through the clouds,  and the cutest little thing in a tie this side of the Mississippi. Read more about his story, our family, and our journey with SB on our
blog - :)

When Carson was first diagnosed with Spina Bifida I grieved as if I had lost him. I was so confused and so unaware of what Spina Bifida was. Hearing the words "Your child has a major birth defect" are hard. As I learned about it through Google I only became more frightened. By God's goodness I found a group of moms who had children with spina bifida. These ladies had blogs. Blogs with pictures and stories about their own children living with spina bifida. Like a sponge, I soaked up blog after blog. I spent hours reading (I didn't have the business of having  kids in the house ) and then more hours telling Bob all that I had found. What gave me the most hope and the most strength was their sweet and precious faces. They all looked so normal, which honestly shocked me. I expected this major birth defect to look different. But rather, little boys played baseball, ate ice cream, played with trains. Little girls wore princess outfits, and had their nails painted. It comforted my heart in a way that I can't describe in words. I spent seven weeks waiting for Carson to arrive and in those weeks I studied, and learned as much as I could about what we would be facing ; and I met friends who would help heal my heart. 

One of our first photos

The first time we met



  1. Love this. :) He looked so chunky as a newborn!!

  2. Aw!! Oh, your face in that first picture is just pure joy!

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart daughter! It makes me love you all even more!!