Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spina Bifida awareness- faces

                                                                 Greyson - 2-1/2 years old

mischievous...(notice the SITTING on the walker...not cool Grey) :)  

This little boy has touched my heart in so many ways. He is amazing!!!! He is also adorable! I've seen him in person on two occasions. Both times I wanted to just squeeze him, pinch him, tickle him... I was so overwhelmed with awe. I felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity. This is Greyson- the grey. I was nervous around him. :) Poor guy just thought I was crazy. I am crazy.... Crazy over how wonderful he is. One of the very first spina bifida kids I ever met was Greyson. He was just a few months old at the time. I fell in love with him. He brought me so much peace and so much comfort. I thought wow- he's adorable. Spina Bifida is not so bad.... this baby is perfect. Bob and I spent hours and hours reading the blog and looking at their sweet pictures. Greyson also has brought me so so much hope. He and Carson are fairly similar in their Spina Bifida diagnosis. I have seen this little man accomplish things that I know are supposed to impossible. Look at him in this picture!!!!!! I watch him- slightly stalk him- and smile with pride. He's Carson's role model... Carson just doesn't understand that yet. :) 

Tonight I also want to feature another cutie... This is a pretty new cutie.

                   Meet Gage- he is happy, very social, and a total flirt :)  
    He is almost 5 months old, and is currently in excellent health! Gage had his closure and shunt surgeries after birth and has since had 2 revisions. 3rd shunt is a charm!! He has ACII which is showing mild symptoms, but they are currently under control. He is cathed twice a day, and VCUG results showed we can likely stop after next uro check up. 
He is a very social baby with lots of smiles and the most contagious laugh. He is a favorite among nurses at the children's hospital and can light up any room. He likes to flirt and make his presence known. He rolled over for the first time yesterday, which marked his first real milestone (almost right on time!) He works really hard and we can't wait to watch him grow and achieve future milestones. We love him to pieces :)
This little guy just melts my heart.... what a chunk of cuteness right? He's only a little guy but he has already had some "Take That Spina Bifida moments" I look forward to seeing what he's gonna do this year! In my opinion he's unstoppable! 
These are the last two kiddos that I have for my faces of spina bifida.... If I missed your child please email me. I'd love to feature more.


  1. Loved this Karen! Seriously brought tears to my eyes. :) Give those boys big hugs and kisses from us!

  2. AW!! I think we all stalk Grey a little bit ;)

    And Gage!! What a doll.