Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Silly me

I made a mistake, and I do publicly apologize... My last post which is the part 1 of our Florida vacation was lacking.

Very lacking....

For those of you who are not aware. I am a little sister. I do have a older brother. An older brother who might I add is the closest thing to a best friend that a sibling can be. He and I are soooo very close. He and I  used to frequently be mistaken for twins. And we really could finish each others sentences and feel each other pain. Like the time he fell out of a tree in our grandparents backyard.... I felt that pain too. Of course he grabbed me and pulled me down with him. :) We used to be able to argue with each other without saying a word. If you've ever seen Berenstein Bears brother and sister bear are fashioned after us. Yep, they ought to be paying us copyright. :) Really he's an amazing big brother and I have been tremendously blessed to be his sister and his friend.

 In my previous post I left out that awesome brother of mine.

So without further ado...

To Cody!

Here's Cody feeding the birds cheetos.

Here's Cody sitting somewhere

Here's Cody pushing Micah in the stroller. He's Micah daddy. :)

Here's Cody holding Micah

Here's Cody being wishing he had twins

Here's Cody on the safari

here's Cody talking with Bob

Here's Cody playing piano with carson

Here's Cody at cracker barrell

Here's Cody :)

And I know I'm sure by my orneriness you can tell that I am indeed a little sister. :) I love you Big Bro!!!!!

I'm so proud of you too. You're doing great, and I loved being with you and your family!!!

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  1. What an amazing trip! I feel SO behind (just like you said!) on the blogging world but I"m trying to catch up really quick this morning. ;) I can't believe how BIG Silas is getting! Wowza! Do they grow faster the second time around?! ;) I love that you got to go to Disney - such a magical place. And to see family and friends is always a blessing. Love the update and sending you hugs from afar! Miss you guys!! xoxo - Joanna