Friday, November 13, 2009

Waking up!!

Hi everyone!!!

     It's Karen. :)  I first want to thank everyone... It has been so encouraging and such a blessing to hear from everyone and to know that you are praying for us. Thank you!!! We have been blessed with such a great family!!! And truly you all have made such a difference.
     Our baby boy is doing so great!!!! I am just so overwhelmed with joy and pride for him. What a precious testimony he already has. Ive always heard about the great influence that parents play in a child's life. I never realized until the last 3 days with Carson how much a child can influence the parent, he's amazing!!!

     This morning they took him off of the pain meds. which have been sedating him. Now it's wake up and take him off of the ventilator. We have spent our time with him just cooing,tickling, and trying to wake him :) Daddy got his eyes to flicker a second and he got a glimpse of those beautiful blues!!!!!! We had to leave the NICU right after that so that they could perform a surgery on another baby. We are so anxious to get back over there. We will post some pictures tonight of hopefully him being awake :)
     Once again, Thank you all so much!!! We love you!

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