Thursday, November 12, 2009

In surgery...


Just adding a quick update to let everyone know that Carson is in surgery now (11/12 1pm PST). Thank you for your prayers. I know that so many of you like us are hungry for information and it seems like our sources get more and more vague. The surgery's purpose is to remove the remnants of the cyst and close the opening in his back. The majority of the questions about his prognosis we will not have immediate answers for. The one question we should be able to answer is whether they do successfully close the gap. Most other things will be wait and see as we see how much scar buildup from the surgery will affect the spinal cord, if the closure of the spine will now produce the swelling of hydrocephalus, and longer term results such as his function of bowels or legs will not be able to be fully diagnosed for some time. Thank you again for the loving support, I'll try to update again with what we know of the surgery results when we get them.

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