Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 6 for Carson

Day 6 was eating, sleeping, pooping.  Standard baby fare.  Good to see that after all of the extremes Carson has been through so far he does have the basics down.  What a blessing for Mom and I as we get to handle and care for more and more of his needs each passing day.

Carson's post-surgery bandage was removed and we were able to see his lower back for the first time.  It still has a lot of healing to go as the stitches continue to do their work holding everything together.  Because the wound is now exposed, we are not allowed to hold him again until it becomes more stable.  We are so thankful to live in a time where this type of surgery can be done.

We were visited by the Leflers today and what a refreshing time it was.  Although we were not allowed to take them up to see Carson because of the hospital's newer rules (H1N1 scare means immediate family only), we did get to spend a nice afternoon touring the greater (and not so greater) parts of Los Angles bragging on Carson and showing off all of our pictures so far.

Carson did get his more detailed scan today, but the results won't be available until tomorrow.  He has been doing extremely well recovering in all other areas so we pray for positive results there as well so that we can come home that much sooner.

 Today was a day of appreciation.  Things slowed down and seemed, despite the hospital and all the surroundings, to feel a bit normal.  It was nice that Mom and I were able to just step in and start to get into almost a routine of feeding and changing him, but far better was the time we had to just relax and watch him for awhile.  We were able to stop and just be astounded at this little miracle that God had placed in our lives - to consider how fearfully and wonderfully made each and every one of us are.  The pause also allowed me to consider just how amazing Mom has been through this entire ordeal.  Lord, thank you for this wonderful boy!  Lord, thank you for this wonderful wife!

Dealing with a proud father and his camera all day is enough to wear a guy out.  Luckily, he's cute when he's sleeping as well.

 Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Hello mommy, daddy and grandson!
    We always check your blog first thing in the morning...since we are in bed by the time you get around to posting...the time difference is only 2 hours, but I see you posted way into the morning this morning...are you getting any sleep?? The pictures are so precious and it is good to see each of you also! Just so you know, I'm writing under Mark's google account...don't know why it won't let me post under mine, but anyway...
    Our continued prayers are going up for Carson and for his precious family! We love you!!
    Mom (Oma)