Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 9 for Carson

Day 9 and the trip to...nowhere.  We were so looking forward to going home today but it was not to be.  The neurologists visited Carson this morning and cleared him to go home with us but the nurse practitioner put the brakes on because they weren't comfortable with the sore on his back combined with his two hour long ride in the car seat.

The hope is now that tomorrow they will allow us to take him... all the way across the street to the Ronald McDonald House.  Unfortunately it looks like we will not be home this weekend, instead they would rather us be nearby in case anything occurs so the McDonald House is looking like an option to at least take him out of the hospital.  Even that is looking bleak after they ran the thoughts through again this evening, so we are hoping at least that will happen.

One of the hardest parts is that they don't even have clear reasoning on why they are holding him.  If the neurologists cleared him, you would think they would have a definitive reason to override them.  Instead it seems like they are uncertain of the idea because of risk and then follow that up by being uncertain of why they are uncertain.  I don't want to rail on them too harshly because the hospital and department as a whole have done a great job, it is just frustrating to be in the holding pattern as they ponder risks that will still exist a week or weeks from now with no better solutions.

Our timing is not God's timing and though we do not understand we will continue to trust in Him for what is best.  As He directs and guides in each event we need to let our grip (and gripes) go and trust in His perfect wisdom.  You also quickly feel like a selfish heel when there are parents in the same nicu that are months past their child's birth and still waiting.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  We are saddened that we will not be able to see some of you as soon as we had hoped, but we do look forward to that day with even greater anticipation now.  We love you all!

Hurry it up down there, rookie!


  1. ok precious Orr family...yep, waiting is the hardest of all things, and the way in which we must totally rely on our Heaven Father. Mark often says he doesn't pray for "patience" because he knows how we gain it, but I guess he doesn't realize that his wife like to pray for it for both of us...oh no, now the secreat is out!! Nonetheless, God is just "polishing" you and since you are both "shineing" already, you will no doubt come forth as GOLD!! We are praying for you all and especially for wisdom with Carson's doctors. God's best is coming your way, so watch for it! We love you!!
    Mom #2 Oma

  2. Of course, we're all bummed right along with you. We would have loved to have you all home this weekend. But it makes the anticipation of Carson's arrival home that much more exciting! Since the doctors seem uncertain why they are uncertain about letting Carson go, we have to believe God is the One keeping him there. We look forward to seeing you as soon as possible! Love you!!

  3. It's hard. The selfish part of me wants to beat the Nurse Practitioners and swipe Carson when they're not looking. The (sometimes) thinking part of me knows that The Great Physician is in complete control and He knew this was going to happen. God can use even the unsaved in His perfect Will and Time. We're still praying and looking forward to that time God will let them give you that final permission to bring Carson back up here to his home and church. It's been such an inspiration watching you grow in your trust of God's perfect will and leaning on Him for support as you wait for His okay in all things.

  4. I hope little carson doing better. The nurse is doing her job a sore could mean staff infection.I worked with patients. The sore if staff could spread like wild fire The nurse if she notices swelling are more tiny blister she well put him on antibiotics. The family is all praying. God has his hand on Carson.Love Gramma Edie.

  5. I think Carson whispered to the nurse that he wanted to wait until the Chadwick's were headed to Bakersfield too! Haha - Ok, so, maybe I'm the selfish one in all of this! We do so look forward to meeting Carson and hugging Mom and Dad. As to the picture at the bottom of the update - well, I don't know how good I would be at changing a diaper sideways! Looked like you were doing a great job!