Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 12 for Carson

What a wonderful and mighty God we serve!  Day 12 is the start of Thanksgiving week, and as we pause to reflect, we realize that the trials we have are but a droplet compared to the great sea of things that we have to be thankful for.  It is when we allow that droplet to be our main focus that we lose sight of where our trust is to be.

The weekend with Carson was great.  No major events, just enjoying the little guy as much as we could.  The expectation is to be able to leave sometime tomorrow after his head ultrasound is done.  We are a little bit skeptical though, we could have to stay an extra day to await the scan results or even several more days if the results point to needing a shunt sooner.  
Don't mistake our doubts in their estimates for a lack of desire though.  We are very much looking forward to arriving home as soon as possible.  It is in God's hand and wisdom to guide us to exactly when though and our greater desire is to be sensitive to His timing.  We do miss you all and are looking forward to the comfort of home after a stay that seems much longer than it has actually been.

It seems like it has been months, but we are only at the two week mark.  What a two weeks it has been though. There have been great concerns and fears, but much more plentiful were the blessings.  We were concerned for his health and general well being; we were blessed with an amazing and healthy baby boy.  I was concerned with Mom's health; she was blessed with an amazingly quick recovery from the Ceasarian.  The blessing that all of you have been to us overwhelmed us.  The blessing that God as a whole has been in our lives is so much more than we can contain.  His strength and presence is so much more than capable of any task.

Concerns and fears going forward?  You bet.  There are still many questions left unanswered in the life ahead for Carson.  Will he ever be able to walk?  It is much too early to tell.  Will there be other limitations in his life?  Could be.

Is the same God who carried us through these last two weeks of concerns and has us feeling overwhelmed by His blessings and grace going to continue to be there?  Without question.  Lord, how unworthy we are.  Help us to continue to put our trust in you rather than allowing our focus to be diverted to the fears.  Help us to be thankful for the great sea of blessings you provide rather than losing hope because of a droplet.

Thank you all for continued prayers!


  1. How wonderful it is to read daily both of Carson's continued advancements in health as well as the continued advancements of his parents in their faith and trust in God. How humbling to myself it is to realize I take God's grace and goodness for granted when I see you leaning on Him and asking Him daily to continue to increase your faith. I pray the Great Physician will continue to guide you all in His will and that you will continue to trust in Him, even when things get confusing.
    "Auntie Pammie"

  2. These pictures are the best yet! He is so cute and gets more handsome each day! I can see both mom and dad in him already, what a great combination! I'm so proud of you both, with your sweet attitude and acceptace of what God has for you. Keep you head up and keep your hand in the hand of the great physician! We love and pray for you all daily and look forward to your next posting! Love & hugs from Oma (mom #2)

  3. What a sweet, precious smile!! Carson looks so bright and alert -- exciting! Sending prayers for good results on the scan. And looking forward to seeing you soon! Love you all.