Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 8 for Carson

I've got a plan to bust out of this joint!

The day started with news that the doctors were now backing away from having the shunt surgery (for now).  That gave us mixed feelings as we had prepared ourselves for the shunt and were now confused upon their reasoning entirely.  The shunt not a shunt game has been played out in many young spina bifida patient's lives and we have seen the toil that it has put many parents through.  It was good news to hear that he wasn't going back into surgery tomorrow or friday, but we were cautiously optimistic as we knew we had just been invited to the juggle.

I was able to speak with the neurology department and apparently Carson's ventricles had good numbers from the detailed scan (good news).  What they have been more worried about is the scar in his back and the swelling it was showing.  It looked a lot better today than yesterday, however, so they put off the surgery.  When I asked about the borderline game, they expressed that it is better to wait and let his whole body concentrate on recovery of the first surgery rather than introducing a new variable to the equation.  There is also a waiting time in which they are hopeful that his body will adapt to absorbing the fluids normally rather than allowing the pressure to build.

So we have been pushed to waiting until the results from next Monday's scan come in, but that is the best part.  They indicated that the plan is for Monday's visit to be an out-patient one.  They will allow Carson to be on his back for part of tonight and if all looks well with his scar in the morning they are planning to discharge him!

What a wonderful day it has been to see God at work in such amazing ways.  While we know that the shunt is still a distinct possibility down the road, we do feel more prepared to handle it when it comes.  Potentially getting to go home tomorrow is a confirmation that our little boy is as healthy in all other areas as we felt he was demonstrating.  Praise the Lord!  We thank Him for His wonderful hand upon our boy.


  1. Oh how wonderful! It is going to be sooo exciting to see you 3 together as a family. Luv u guys.


  2. Oh how I wish I could be there to hug your neck and...well, just BE THERE! What an emotional roller coster you have been on, and I know it must be so tiring. Your blogs are so detailed and your "heart" just comes through. Thank you for taking the time, for I can see it is posted LATE and you must be so tired! We love you and are praying for you daily.
    With all my love, Mom #2...Oma

  3. A little birdie told me the news last night, and WHAT a celebration we had! I have found that my tears have come in moments of sheer joy. I am certainly jealous of all who will enjoy meeting Carson on Sunday, but we will be in town next week and hope to have a chance to hug Karen and see your handsome son! We will continue to pray for you and Karen as you continue your trek through the "jungle." We love you guys - Chris, Debbie, and girls!!

  4. What a sweet day! Bob and Karen, we are so excited and happy for you! I rejoice from afar, knowing that God hears all of our praises collectively, in spite of the distance. Hugs and Kisses! Ruth and family.

    P.S. Cousin Will has requested to play with Carson-we will have to come and visit soon!

  5. What a huge blessing! God's hand on Carson is so apparent, and it's a joy to watch. Your attitudes through this process have been amazing -- a wonderful example of choosing how to respond to a situation to which you have absolutly no control. We all know God is good, but it's exciting to see Him in action. See you soon! Love ya!

  6. When I heard the great news, tears just flowed!! What an awesome God we have! He knows the desires of our hearts and answers our prayers. I cannot wait to see this little miracle face-to-face! Your testimony throughout this ordeal has been amazing. You both have blessed me beyond belief. :) Love you "all" and see you soon!