Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2 for Carson

What a start to life.  Day 1 - Born, Ambulance Ride, Poked, Prodded, and Tested every which way you can.  Day 2 - Hooked up to twelve machines constantly monitoring every system you have and then getting major surgery (already has more of those than Dad).  Almost makes you want to go back to the womb.  We are trying our best to make up for these hardships by showing him every ounce of love that we can.  We are so blessed and thank every one of you for all of your support and prayers.

Day 2 and Mom is still showing amazing strength to bounce back from the Ceasarian section so quickly.  She was doing everything but sit ups and pushups today (we'll see if all the energy was just a put on to make sure she got another Carson visit today).  She has been taking everything in stride and doing wonderfully from both the physical and emotional aspect.  I mean she has a son rebelling and sporting a mohawk already and she's taking it all so well.

Carson's surgery was a wonderful success, we thank you for all your prayers and know they played a major role of support as God guided the doctor's hands in their work.  As you can see he got to trade in his plastic wrap guaze for a more official post surgery bandage that is much less of a hassle.  As mentioned earlier we are now focused on monitoring for signs of hydrocephalus which was the expected next step.  What a blessing to just be monitoring for the standard complications rather than fearing a bigger unknown one that could have arisen.

The day was so busy and taxing with surgery that Carson just fell down exhausted during the baby olympic potato sack races they had at the NICU.  You can't win them all son.

What a blessed addition Carson has been in our lives already.  He is an amazing little guy and I am already so proud of him.  Can't wait to bring him around and show him off to each of you when time allows.  Obviously getting to go home with him is a major milestone that we look forward to greatly.


  1. I never knew you had such a talent for writing! My girls are very impressed! I can tell you that our family feels like we are right there with you thanks to your wonderful blogs. Please know that we are praying - without ceasing - for each of you. Give Karen a HUGE HUG for us and tell Grandma and Ruth hello for us too. We love you all - the Chadwicks

  2. thanks for the update,so thankful to the Lord the surgery went well,you three are in our constant prayers,and looking forward to seeing what God will do next,love you guys, kenny and sue

  3. We have just been so blessed by your updates and the wonderful pictures of Carson. Boy, you guys are kinda lax aren't you-letting him get a mohawk already?!!! It suits him though-he's a fighter! We love you and are pryaing for you all. Can't wait to meet your son!
    Love ya!

  4. I'm so happy to hear that Carson continues to amaze and do so well! :) He really is such a cutie. You are all inour prayers, that Carson coninues with his speedy recovery and that you can all be home SONN! :) Love and prayers...

    your babycenter friend, Leigh

  5. Hello daughter, son & grandson!
    Good job on the blog! We love keeping up with Carson and look forward to each new update. Thoughts, prayers & love are coming your way!
    Mom & Dad #2

  6. Karen & Bobby,
    My thought and prayers go out to you and Carson
    May the Lord wrap yall in His arms and carry yall through this stage of leaning on Him for everything!!
    Love in Christ
    Bonnie Travis

  7. Hi Bobby, I'm right there with Debbie. I told Troy how impressed I was with your writing ability. Brandon and Ashley want me to let you and Karen know that they too are praying for you and Karen and baby Carson. To God be the glory! Please tell your mom and Ruth that we said hello too.

    Troy & Angie Barton

  8. I am so touched with the positve attitudes. James and I are praying for you guys and if you need anything let us know we will try to do what we can. He is beautiful. I know he has a set of pretty special parents. You guys are gonna do great. Can't wait to see him. Love ya