Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 10 for Carson

They said what? I'm confused.

Day 10 for Carson was blessed frustration.  Frustration because, you guessed it, his release was pushed all the way until Monday at the earliest.  The plan is now to release us using a car-bed (rather than a car seat) with some special gel packs to protect his back for the drive home Monday.  With the driving schematics laid out, why not release us now?  We don't know, but God does and we will look to Him for wisdom and trust in His hand as it continues to guide this journey.

The blessed part?  One of the reasons for the frustration is that Carson is proving himself every day to be a very healthy and active baby.  We are so filled with joy to see this amazing addition to our lives and to see him so vibrant after all that he has been through is a huge blessing.  We count ourselves very fortunate to be wondering why clearing him is such a difficulty rather than facing many other fearful complications that could have arisen.

We were also blessed today to get to spend an evening with Rob and Lisa.  Their wedding anniversary falls on the same day that I proposed to Mom.  We enjoyed a pleasant evening showing off Carson's pics again as well as reminiscing about Mom and I and our relationship's beginning.  We are very thankful for them and blessed to call them close friends.

Thank you all for your love and prayers.  We are blessed to have each and every one of you as a part of our lives.  We love you all (at home and abroad) and are so eager to see you all again soon!

And goodnight to you as well little Carson, we are also eager to be able to keep you by our side rather than leave you behind each night. 


  1. Please tell us if carson has streagth in his legs and feet. like can he kick Gramma Dee

  2. Each day is a new adventure in Carson's life and yours as well. He is adorable! Do you guys every sleep? You post your blog at the wee hours of the night! Hope you are getting some rest so you can care for Carson in the days ahead. I'm excited to hear the news, no matter what the doctors decide to do, God is already several steps ahead of them and knows just what our little boy needs...and his parents as well. Love you all!
    Mom #2 & Oma