Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I dont eat worms....

I am sure that you have heard the expression.... "The early bird gets the worm." Well since I don't particularly care for worms I have taken a great liking to not being early. :) You know that way there's no risk for having to eat a worm.....

I'm late again on our blog, and there are so many things that I have to share.

This Christmas has been unlike any other... so full of precious moments and memories. We have a little boy who really is getting into the whole party/cake/ presents thing and he has spread so much Christmas cheer. This Christmas really has also just been a time that has really left me so very thankful for the gifts that the Lord has given us. So many blessings!!!! I just read on a fellow blog a wonderful story about Mary, and how she was chosen to give her son. She had to raise him, love him, care for him, and then see Him beaten, and killed for our sins. He and she both did this willingly too. WOW! I had spent time reflecting on this very thing in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

When I  watched the wonder and merriment in Carson's eyes. Watched him laugh, and enjoy these Christmas events. And then there have been so many moments when he needed comfort and care as he heals from surgery. When he needed Mommy.  I thought about how much I love him.... how much I need him. And then how much sacrifice it took for Mary and the Lord to give their son to die. Oh what a humbling reminder of what Christmas really means. It was the birth of a precious child born to be a Savior.

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster.... I hate roller coasters. I do however, end up on them spending the entire ride screaming, and begging to get off.... all the while having a blast, and really wanting to do it again. :)

Carson is doing well after our recent shunt placement. I have been shocked at how well he seems to be when we are in a group of people. It's been so wonderful, and yet so sneaky at the same time. I claimed he's been extra fussy, cranky, tired, not eating/drinking well and needing alot of extra attention, yet we get in a group at a party or a church event and he makes me a liar with his laughter and smile. LOL.

Here are a few pictures  for you to enjoy.

Just before surgery in the hospital pjs that just melt your heart.

Out of order but just after we got to the hospital.

The Brown's wedding reception. Congrats you two.

A holiday sweater vest. :) 

Simone's birthday party

Christmas Day with family

I said, "presents" as I shot this picture. 

He knows what to do.

A favorite was this sock monkey in a box.
Although blurry this was my favorite. What a handsome little man. :)
We do hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Lots of love!!!

I have Christmas morning photos to share but will save that and another wonderful Christmas surprise for my next post. :) Check back soon... you won't want to miss it.


  1. So glad he is doing well. Yay for cutie-pie pictures and yay for surprises!!!!!

  2. He is one of the absolute cutest boys EVER.

  3. He is so adorable! I hope he is back to his old self soon.