Monday, January 10, 2011

New year equals new opportunities

We have been without home internet and so I am way behind on sharing a few things with you.

On December 30 we picked up Carson's wheelchair !!!! FULLY PAID FOR BY INSURANCE!!!!!!!

Because of weather and Carson being sick we have'nt much opportunity for use. Last night we took it with us to church and let Carson show it off.... He did! He is having a harder time "getting" the use of this chair because the wheels are different from the chair we had to practice in. But, I know soon enough he will be racing around.

Receiving this wheelchair has honestly caused a battle within my heart. I am so excited we have it, and so excited to see Carson in it and enjoying it, but I also cry at the fact we have one... the fact that we need one.

My good friend Joanna has a song that plays on her blog just about everytime I visit it ( I think it's intentional) The lyrics to the song just make my throat tighten and bring tears to my eyes. The song talks about how we all have pain we face, hard times, struggles, and we cannot understand them. We cannot see the bigger picture. However, the Lord does and the Lord has good promised for those who love Him..... We just have to wait for it. Then yesterday at church our choir sang, "Isn't the love of Jesus something wonderful?" Oh it is, and oh how great and loving and good God is to us. Trials do come, but in time we see the goodness and the garce of God.

My dad had a series of massive strokes in 2006 which left him brain-damaged and paralyzed. It was a mountain we thought we could never climb, but almost five years later I see it differently and I see all the wonderful blessings that came about through that trial, including Bob and I falling in love. Just this past week we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.

This past year my sister in law miscarried her first child.... and now her and I both are expecting healthy baby boys in April .

Blessings surround us... The Lord surrounds us with His grace, His love, and His purpose.

One last blessing that I am overjoyed at sharing is our friend Greyson is beginning to walk with help from a gait trainer!!!!! This was a video that they shared on Christmas. A Christmas present which has filled my heart with hope and praise. Greyson's spina bifida diagnoses is very similar to Carson's. They have worked so hard, and Greyson is conquering and redefining spina bifida with every step he takes.

Greyson's gift

Isn't God good??? Isn't it amazing to see Him working in the lives of our children. I can't wait to see what wonderful things will happen this year.


  1. Aww! Great post - love him in his new chair! And what a blessing to have it totally covered by insurance!! Amazing. You and your family - Amazing. :) Love you!

  2. Adorable little chair! I love it! I had the exact same feelings as you when Madi got hers. It's a blessing, but a hard one to take. He is doing amazing!

  3. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see what Carson will do with his wheels!!!!