Sunday, December 12, 2010

upcoming surgery

This Tuesday we are headed to Children's for Carson's shunt surgery. We have had made it through a full year of borderline monitoring and finally decided that a shunt placement would be best.

I needed this year...Because of this year.

I know about shunts.
I know that they are helpful and necessary when your child has hydrocephalus.

I know they are sturdy and stable and do not hinder activities.

I know from many that their child showed improvement after receiving one, even though they didnt feel that there were any problems.

I know about the surgery and all the proceedings, and still I know it is considered a minor surgery.

I know that the Lord is in control, and He has allowed the hydrocephalus to accumulate thus resulting in the need for shunt placement.

I know that He has heard my prayers.

I also know that even though I am far better prepared and accepting of shunts I am terrified, and I am not ready for this next challenge.

I know I need you to please keep Carson, and me in your prayers this week.

I know you will.

Thank you!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry that Carson is going to need a shunt - but you are in a great place to have a year to learn about it!
    Good Luck on Tuesday! I'll be sending you prayers and positive energy!
    Remember he will bounce back very quickly. One thing I remember from Nick's surgery was that they said it would be 90 minutes, and he was in the OR for 3 hours - not because anything was wrong, but trying to get a second IV. Ask how long he is expected to be in the OR and to notify you if there are any delays.
    Good Luck! You guys will do great!

  2. Will certainly be praying for Carson. He will do great and will bounce back so quick. Our kids are troopers!

  3. Good luck on Tuesday. No matter how minor or routine, surgery is never easy on US!! :( I agree with Amanda - talk to them about how long it might take to do things like putting him under and getting lines established - that can make a short procedure so much longer. Lots of hugs and prayers for you guys.

  4. I pray everything goes swiftly and safely with the shunt placement and that it is effective. Even though they can be a pain sometimes, they are sure amazing (shunts that is... not the kids, though I guess they qualify too some days ;)).

  5. We will be praying for Carson during surgery. Also, for updates and comfort while you wait. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Love you.

  6. You said this SO perfectly! I am so thankful for a friend like you - who even in times of worry can offer such insight and demonstrate such strength and faith. We love you all and will pray for our little buddy this week. Please keep us posted with updates! I'm gonna facebook you my cell so you can text me. :) LOVE YOU!!

  7. Saying prayers. NO surgery or procedure for that matter is "minor" when its on our babies. I am sending hugs and prayers!!!!

  8. Little Carson will be in our prayers all day! Tuesday will be tough, but you guys are even tougher.