Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A burden you can help

This past week my heart has been so heavy for a situation and a circumstance that is beyond my control. One of those things that you just can't quite get off of your mind... and one of those things that you can't find the right words to share with others that properly reflects how you feel. I have restarted this post about 30 times in the attempt to properly convey this burden. We need your help.

Please meet Shea

This Christmas as we cuddle up with our little man, as we pray with/for him, as we encourage him, and do everything in our power to increase his independence this little four year old boy is told he will be bedridden.


The reason being there is no family to support him, and no body to fight for him. To get him the therapy and equipment that he needs to show his strength through his disability of spina bifida.

He needs our help...

Please take a moment to read his story, and share it with others.

Please donate, and support his adoption.

Please pray.


  1. THANK YOU Karen! This is perfect. And I love your adorable blog background - too cute. :)

  2. I can't believe how many people are helping him! Such a blessed little boy already!