Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is a quick update to let you know how things are going. IE... Some cute pics to share. :)
Carson is on the road to bigger and better foods. Here he is enjoying pears. We have also started him on whole milk.

First Field trip. We visited the animal living museum. Not so sure about this snake.

Out of the snake house

A possum???

Say "cheese" by the bears

We are currently working on getting Carson his own won wheelchair.

Please keep this in prayer

I cannot wait to have him zooming around.


  1. Adorable photos! He looks like such a happy baby!

  2. He's so big! I love his "possom" face! haha. He is so cute in that little wheelchair too - of course we will pray the right decisions are made for Carson and for peace and confidence for you guys. HOW'S BABY #2???? Update?!?!

  3. Cuteness! We love that little guy thats not so little now. He's getting so big! :) Love you all. Miss you terribly.