Thursday, October 7, 2010

fair trip, baby boy, and awareness

This past weekend, we made a trip to the fair. To a 10 month old this was not exciting until we hit the food stands.... Well, I must confess that I felt the same way. :) Here are some pictures from our food ventures. He did not care for the animals, or the exibits. In fact, both pretty much scared him. So he needed some comfort and we all know where that comfort is.

First off corn dogs.

hmmm.. Mom, I think I can handle that.

Oh yeah, I got this thing.

Here he has almost the entire thing in his mouth.

This however works better


Next up- Cinnamon roll.

Uh.. gone.. what?

Luckily, I can lick my fingers.

These were taken yesterday. It was a rainy day and so I put Carson in some feety pajamas. I couldn't get enough of how much he looked like a baby again. :) It just melted my heart.

                                                          Oh how I love this baby boy

I also wanted to mention that October is spina bifida awareness month. Spina Bifida is something that we have learned about through experience. However, I feel that people need to know what it is through influence as well. I think about all the precious babies who are not given the chance to life because there is a  lack of proper information or a lack of proper counsel. How sad it is that spina bifida is considered a severe disabling birth defect that effects the child's quality of life. Even worse is that many women are counseled by doctors that the very best thing they can do is choose abortion. We must do our part to spread awareness, and change the opinion of what spina bifida is. Look how cute and happy and amazing a child with spina bifida can be. Look at the quality of life they themselves have and the blessing that they are to those around them. They are so strong, and teach us so many things about life and love.

A small way that you can help is by purchasing a Spina Bifida awareness t-shirt. The cost is only $13 and you can "wear your awareness".  Perhaps you will meet someone and be able to share the testimony and blessing of the one who you love with spina bifida.

Please go to and place your order today. They will only be available till October 12.


  1. Heehee, looks like he takes after our family. Loving the fair food!

  2. Oh he is just a doll! I love the last one with his two little bottom teeth...priceless! And he looked like he was in heaven with that corn dog!

  3. Yep, he takes after Oma and Opa for sure...basic reason for going to the fair...FOOD, what else??

  4. he might be just the stinkin cutest thing EVER!!! is that wrong since i have 3 kids!? : ) but really he's sooo cute