Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two things happened today that I would honestly have a very hard time believing if it were not for me being present.

1. It started to rain as I was heading home from therapy. Seriously, we are going through a typical Bakersfield heat wave. Today's high was 97 degrees and it was every bit that hot. But as I was driving and talking with Bob on the phone.... it was sprinkling.

2. Carson did this at therapy today.

OOPS--- See bottom of post. :) Then come back up here.

We started our session discussing the orthopedic appt. the other day and how we were still stuck in the hip brace. No bearing weight, no KAFOs. And it was so discouraging. His therapist and I discussed that we could work and work on army crawling but honestly this will be very difficult for him while wearing the brace.

You see, yesterday my heart broke as I witnessed Carson on his tummy with a desire to move, and not having the strength to do it. He could push up his body and rock forward, but the legs remained limp and motionless. Hard, hard, hard.

I discussed this with the therapist today..and became even more discouraged while Carson refused to even be on his tummy for us to try crawling together. But a few feet away was a wheelchair that was just Carson's size. His therapist said, "What if we just put him in it and wheel him around, letting him explore. maybe, we can get him to become a little more interested in exploring on his own. " I said, "Sure, let's try." Well as you can see not only did we just sit him in the chair. But he used it. It was amazing!!! Carson is almost 11 months old. He doesn't quite roll from side to side. He just started to hold his own bottle, and yet he knew how to move that chair, and he did it!!! I'm shocked. I'm excited, and I am so reminded that our kids are unbelievable.

As you can see.. He loved it!!! And I did too!! I have always been very apprehension of the moment that I had to see my child in a wheelchair. In fact, I've always been very against that moment. But here it is, the moment happens and I was so happy, and so excited that Carson could move. I did cry for a minute, his therapist and I both did, but we couldn't help but smile and cheer him on as he rolled... and laughed.

The rain came down today and all I could think about was how that rain was for us... It was the Lord himself reminding me that He is in control, and that He does give us miracles.


  1. WOW, look at him! You know, we were in pretty much the same position. We would just leave Nate on a big blanket, on his belly, with toys out of reach and just....leave. I mean we seriously just left him there for awhile, and unless he was crying because he was actually in pain we didn't pick him up or roll him over. And sooner than later he started to army crawl (dragging his legs behind him) to get to his toys. It wasn't easy-I certainly didn't like leaving my kid just laying there-but it was a little bit of tough love and it worked. And I sooooo wish we would have pushed for a wheel chair for Nate sooner. His is due in any day and we couldn't be more excited. If you know anyone who is handy, you could make Carson a Star Car (Nate's PT's husband made one for us and it has been awesome-Nate uses it in and out of the house to get around). These kids are truly amazing, aren't they?

  2. Awwe, he is so sweet. Good job Carson!

  3. That is just tear-filled fantastic-ness right there! He looks SO happy and SO sweet, Karen!!!! I am in love with that video - he is so amazing - and so are you!

  4. Just AMAZING!!! I can't believe that was his first time with wheels??? Incredible. GO Carson!!!!

  5. Look at that! He did so good! I can imagine how proud and excited you were.

  6. Amazing! Look how happy he looks. There's really nothing better than seeing our children smile. You are a strong momma and I am VERY proud of you!

    Lots of Hugs my friend-

  7. Carson's video is a hit!!! I was able to use this video to teach our Mid-week childen's class some valuable lessons about God, His goodness to us, and our value in His eyes. My sister in law says, Paralympics, here comes Carson!! He is so strong and so SMART! I agree with the previous comments - God has given you and Bobby everything that Carson needs in a Mom and Dad. You will cry many tears over the years, some of joy and some of sorrow for what might have been, but God's grace will make each step Carson makes something so special. He truly is an amazing boy - a testimony to everyone with whom he or his blog come into contact. We love you guys!