Wednesday, November 3, 2010

update update

I never touch spirits. Have you some milk? - MATNBA
                                         Remember, always look both ways. -

                                        Wait til they getta loada me - RKEJO

                                        It's all a blur. Like a horrible day-mare. - NIBRO
                                                      Holy costume party---

All are taken from a incredibly wonderful movie and all have something in common with Carson. ??????

Thats right! Carson was batman for Halloween... be sure to check out the muscular abs. :)

Being a Sunday, we had quite a busy day.... but we did enjoy a taste of trick-or-treating and the reward that it brings.

We have a very special treat happening this week My best friend has been visiting us from Kansas and she brought along her cute little man. Here's our boys dressed up for church on Sunday morning.

As for other baby news. The doctor is considering me to be between 14 and 15 weeks along. Everything is going very well. I am feeling better and gaining some energy!!!!! :) I will be seeing the perinatologist at 18 weeks to start the special testing needed to rule out spina bifida or other birth defects. I denied the pre-screening (AFP test) because the number of false positives is so high...and I do not have a consistent due date. But ultrasound and possible amniocentesis are around the corner.  Please continue to pray for Orr number 4 :) Numbers 1,2, 3 could use alot of prayer too. :)



  1. Aww... look at Batman! Hee & little Katie May Jr LOL

  2. Carson has the most expressive face!!

    And we'll be praying for #4!

  3. Love your little batman, and that little bean too.

  4. What a cute little super-hero. :) We will keep you (ALL of you!) in our prayers! Keep us posted!