Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here are the last few days before the big ONE.

Blurry (sorry) but this face just cracked me up

:) Love our new spina bifida shirts.

And here is the last picture of the baby curls.
Today Cars got his first "real" haircut. I say it that way because technically he got a haircut the day he was born so that they could place the iv. Well he got a mohawk and I was'nt involved and so I do not count that. :) I do however have the hair that they shaved. They sweetly saved it and placed it in a little package for me.

"Cars, were gonna cut your hair."

"Here are the scissors."


"What is this fluffy stuff?"

turning out pretty good.

"Yeah, I'm good looking"

All done!

"Smile mommy, tomorrow is my first birthday"


  1. Yay!!! Carson you are SO cute with your new haircut! Have a great birthday!!!

  2. Oh no! 'First' haircut!
    You are brave, I havne't touched Nick's hair (or my daughter's either)!
    I LOVE the smile - it is infectous!