Saturday, November 6, 2010

The big ONE is coming.

On Thursday, just 5 days away, our baby boy will be turning one........ I am overwhelmed by that fact. How is it possible that a year is about to pass? How can my little baby boy be so big and have grown so much? Now, I am mostly excited that he is about to hit the big one, yet a small part of my mommy heart is saddened that he is no longer in the infant stage. I loved this infant stage.

Seriously though, wasn't it just last week that he was born.

Or maybe yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital

This past week as I watched my friend's 3 month old son I couldn't help but remember carson at 3 months old.

ok, ok.... enough before I start crying and reminiscing and go full blown mommy in relapse on you. :) As I reflect on this past year there are so many blessings, so many amazing moments, and wonderful memories. There are so many times that I am just plain speechless as I look at a picture. For instance.

 We have come through a complete year on our journey with spina bifida. We have been in the hospital. We have seen countless doctors/ specialists. We have waited in prayerful silence as our baby has been in surgery. We have gone to sleep in tears and woken with more questions than there were answers. It has been very difficult at times. It has been painful at times.

But..... Through it all God has been so very good. Through it all He has taught us to trust in Him, to lean on Him. Through it all we have never been alone. Through it all He has only proved His goodness and His power.

As we conclude our first year of blogging and celebrate Carson's first birthday I cannot think of anything more fitting than to share with you  the story that was written for me and presented at my baby shower. It was a story written to comfort and encourage. It is a story that through this year has proved to be true in so many ways. Starting tomorrow Cherub's story Lesson #51.


  1. Those newborn pictures of Carson are absolutely stunning. I know what you mean about missing that infant stage-every time I look at Nate and see a little boy I get a little weepy inside, missing my baby. It's truly bittersweet!

  2. The newborn pictures make me melt! Ugh, they grow so fast!