Sunday, January 13, 2013

So I changed my mind... I was going to take you through a more detailed month by month review of our year.  But that's kinda boring I suppose and it doesn't quite capture what I find most important. I decided rather to just kinda jump right in with pictures and special memories.

As we look back at another year finishing I cannot help but praise the Lord. We started this blog three years ago. Just days before we were to welcome Carson. Oh how i remember all the fear and the unanswered questions of his arrival. There were tears, and trials of trust. I was so very overwhelmed with this not being what I wanted. Three years ago.... Today, I am so ashamed that I ever doubted. I cannot believe all the time i wasted worrying. :) God is so good! So very good! And those three years have brought so many wonderful blessings.

Each and every day we are so thoroughly blessed with the wonder and the gift of having children. We have three children!!! Most days I cannot believe that.... three!! And all too often I forget one...I forget their names, forget to feed one, bathe one, or just all together leave one playing outside.  Each new day brings craziness, and busy-ness and a new mess to clean... But each day brings more smiles and more laughter and more joy than we could ever have imagined. God is so good to us, and though we often get overwhelmed with life, and forget to stop and count our blessings.... they are there and there oh so abundantly.

And I want to remember. Remember our blessings... Remember the joy.

I am going to pick up near the end of April ( See previous post for January- April)

My family came to visit. I have to do a little bragging here. My brother found the sweetest gal and together they had this adorable little man.... Well now they have two!!!  He is currently serving as an assistant pastor, youth director, and etc. at Victory Baptist Church in Florida. I could'nt be more proud of him and more blessed to have such great friends as family.

We only had a week together but we packed it...

How wonderful it is that we both have kids only 12 days apart. And both boys turned the big 1 in April!!! :) While they were out visiting us Micah took his first steps!!! And then Silas and he would try to tackle each other. It was so very fun to watch those two together. Cousins in every sense of the word, and buddies even though this was only their second time of being together. These next few years my prayer is that we get to live closer together.

We celebrated a girl!!!! Having a gender reveal party was such a wonderful idea!!! And we are still surprised and excited that we have a girl!!!

The summer included our family fun list and we purposed to do fun together as a family. It was the greatest thing looking at the list and picking a activity that we could tackle together. We completed about 75% of the list I'd say. Pregnancy kinda hindered us a little. You know, the whole camping thing... that got left to be conquered another time. LOL.

 I will be honest  here and say during the summer we went through a big trial, and although the sun outside was very bright it was very dark in our hearts. A trial that through time the Lord has once again made us even stronger, and closer. . It made it even more important for us to focus on family, and the blessings of togetherness. We made it a priority and the benefit was that we appreciated each other even more, and we got the bonus of laughter and love.

 We spent many a day at play. I think that the number one thing for me to remember as a mommy is to play. I get so caught up on have to do this, and need to clean that, and must run this errand that I forget the joy of "Let's just play."These precious littles are getting bigger and bigger.

On one of those out door play days... I remember Carson totally crashed and ate it in the wheelchair. This picture was taken the day after.  Poor guy.... his parents both froze and he took a dive off our curb. Yep, there went our Parents of the year award! Here Silas is re-enacting the event. :)
A backyard, a Baby shower, building lots of lego towers....

(to be continued, We gotta get ready for church

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