Tuesday, January 1, 2013

review 2012

Oh my... Well another year has quickly come and gone. The testament to how busy this year was is how little I was able to blog. ;) I don't believe I reached 10 posts total. It was such a blessed year.... so very full of precious moments. Having children makes every day worth something and every day a new smile to capture...

Because this blog is really my best attempt at a baby-book let's review. :)

January... Look at these itty bitties... These first three pictures were taken exactly one year ago today... January 1, 2012...

Silas is 8 months old...

Carson is 2 and some change... 25 months

Oh these little pajamas just melt me... Baby boy.

No teeth yet!!!

curious... A year of discovery ahead

January is the month that I ate that pink conversation heart that said baby on it... ;) It was while I was at our church ladies retreat that I realized I was prego.... I woke up and was super queasy. "Oh no"... I thought to myself... Only one thing makes me queasy and that is pregancy. However, I was so soon pregnant that the test came back negative. It wasnt until February when I retested and had been queasy more that I got the confirmation... Baby #3 was on their way!

Valentines Day.

Two bottom little teeth finally sprouted up... 

March....  Bob switched jobs!!! A huge, huge blessing for our family in 2012. A better work environment, and better benefits. My biggest fear was switching insurance but we took the plunge... we really felt that the Lord has opened this door and we stepped forward with trust in Him.... SOOOO GOOD!!! Looking back now I am just so overwhelmed with gratefulness that the Lord allowed the switch. March is also the month that Silas took his very first steps... March 28 to be exact.

Warmer weather... outdoor fun.

Our first trip to Disneyland... This was Carson's reaction when we told him.

And Silas'

If you look close enough you will see Carson with his hands in the air and the worlds hugest smile on his face....

And  then he signed "more"

And we fell in love

with this "happiest place on earth."

Bob's work hosted a Easter egg hunt and meet and greet of the Easter bunny

Both boys left with lots of loot and a big smile

Easter Sunday

Brittney and Titus came to visit!! So did Oma and Opa!!

First ride in Daddy's new truck

First visit with the new neurosurgeon. What a blessing it has been to find doctors that we trust. Doctors that have given us a plan and goals that are achievable. The Lord has answered so many of our prayers through our new doctors. 

And we will take it back up from Mid- April when I return. :)  God is so good! So good.. His blessings and His plan are just so very good.

Next up... Family comes to town. ;)

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