Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jumping back into getting caught up (like how Silas hopped into the tub fully dressed) ...I'm going to skip forward... Here it is now February :) And the memories just keep building. I already covered Elise's arrival in the our new addition post so if you missed that (Its definitely worth seeing!!!) you can backtrack and see all her beautiful first day pictures and her awesome newborn photos taken by my sweet friend Alison. Now, just two days before Elise was born my camera broke. I have no idea how but it involved a lens error. We couldnt get the lens to pop out.....something had it jammed and it was sticky... This of course leads us to believe that a 1 year old might have been involved... but no proof, and no names mentioned of course. :) Anyway that left us without a camera!!!! AAAAhhhhh I felt completely helpless. Alas, the hubby bought me one for my birthday so here are a few from that day.

Elise and I shared birthdays. My 26th and her 1 month!

:) Yep... this is worth remembering. This was yellow out Sunday. :)

So Halloween. Of course Carson wanted to be Mickey Mouse! And Silas picked to be Tigger. He pointed out his own costume and bounced to show me how well he could fit the part. I found these incredible white shoes at Wallys and was able to paint them with yellow craft paint. :) Then it was simply a Mickey mouse jacket that had ears included. 

 Our new therapy facility is so awesome!!! Look how they decorated for Halloween! It was candy land and it had each and every spot. The floor was covered in spaces.. It was amazing!!! And the therapists were all dressed up as the characters. This session was the key in getting Carson comfortable with his new therapist.

 Carson was Mickey
Elise was Minnie
and Silas was Tigger.
And together with the awesome workings of Bob they made up the electrical parade. He rigged up Carson's chair with lights and a stereo and as we rolled along it played the electrical parade song!!! :) Having a wheelchair is so much fun!

First trip at just 5 weeks old. :)

Heres my best paparazzi shots !

 Oh the trips to Disneyland!!!We bought the year passes last year and have gone about 6 times now since. We took Mema with us on one trip. It was so much fun to gave her with us and so helpful.

Carson turned 3 !!!!! Disneyland was his big birthday trip so we celebrated a very small party with MeMa and PaPa at pizza. I could talk for hours... well much more than that even... about how much we love him and how proud we are of him. He is a joy, and a blessing. He is our first child, and of course, you learn so much from them... but you learn even more when God allows them to have extra challenges. With the extra challenges come extra joy, and extra praise at how good God has been to us!

 Poor Silas. I was painting a few ornaments. He loves to paint and he asked me if he could paint as well. I was in a hurry and so I said, "Not this time, honey. " Well... I left the paint sitting up on the counter and then got busy with the baby. This was the scene I returned to..... He so smartly used the dishwasher door as a stool and grabbed the paint... It was all over him, all over my floor, and dishwaher. Bob stopped my fury and said... get the camera.. you will laugh about it later. And I have. :)
He's a mess. A fun, crazy, non-stop, sweet little mess

 Thanksgiving! Look at that handsome man in the kitchen, :)

 Were so thankful for our family!!! So very blessed!


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