Thursday, July 14, 2011

No more cast!

Having your  first child put in a body cast two days before the arrival of your second child is definitely one of those times when the word unexpected comes to mind. Unattractive, Unpleasant are also very true. But you know what.. I shed some tears, I screamed in a pillow (not kidding), and then we, together is the key here, moved on. And you know what---- we totally laughed at that cast. We conquered!!!!

As we headed down to see the ortho. on Tuesday both Bob and I agreed that it really wasn't all that bad and we were very much used to it. If it didnt come off no big deal. Like everything else along our journey... when that new kink or twist pops you panic... but give it time and it just fades into normal. The cast was no exception. We figured out that a bean bag chair (Thank you to our sweet neighbor) totally allowed "sitting", A wagon with a pillow base made walks possible, and pillow made a car trip possible, and restaurants well he balanced on Dads leg or sat sade saddle on Mom's lap. When the top portion was removed it was so much easier and this made even quad riding possible. :)

Well it did come off on Tuesday!!!! What a blessing to leave and sit Cars in the stroller. What a blessing to put pants on him.... anyone who knows me well, knows how much it bothered me for him to not have pants on. :) What a blessing to let him have a bath. He loved it!!! He stayed in for about a hour, splashing and playing, laughing. Then we set him in the wheelchair. And, he totally took off!!!! 

We headed outside and he wheeled around the neighborhood. 

Its so exciting to see Carson getting around in his chair. So exciting! This is a huge step for us. Speaking of steps... :) We got the green light from his orthopedic to work on weight bearing!!!! This is wonderful. The x-ray showed that his hip is in the socket where it belongs.  See, the cast may just have been a blessing in disguise for that hip. Our next step is to find the right bracing and then progress from there. Carson has always not had what would be considered muscle tone in his legs, but there was "some" there. Due to the cast it is gone... very gone, and even the muscles in his waist have greatly atrophied. BUMMER. So we have a long long road to tread but were gonna do it, and now we get to start walking that "walking" road. YAY!!! Please pray for this. We are now totally ok with Carson not walking... time has changed our perspective. But we do want to give him every available possibility that he can have. Please pray with us for the right tools, methods, attitudes, and help. 

Oh ps. Here's some cute baby pictures. :)


  1. Yay for no cast! Look at those cute little legs getting some fresh air! (Oh and the sweet baby is pretty cute too!)

  2. Glad the cast is gone, and the tiny tot is precious!

  3. Glad to see the casts off, and I"m sure that bath felt AMAZING for him!

  4. You have such precious boys! I'm so happy the cast came off...yay!

  5. Wow, Silas has grown! I am glad to see Carson free of his cast, even though it was in my favorite color! He is such a good brother too!