Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here we are again.

 What have we been been up to???

I know this question keeps you up at night.... you wonder and wonder about us... don't ya???
Well look  no further... here's the scoop.

We've been busy... If I have learned anything since the arrival of Silas it is the fact that having children is much different from having a child. It's a whole new level of insanity that ranks right there among a straight jacket and a bubble room. That's another post another time... it's fun. :)

We had the privilege of attending the spina bifida conference this year. It was in Anaheim at the Disneyland hotel. It was so wonderful to be amongst people who "know". You know people you know that "know" you and yet you have no "know" of each other, other than the "know" that you now have from "knowing" each other through the "know" of spina bifida. ---- Told you I've gone crazy. These are my friends, some of my closest friends. Some of these friends I had never physically met until the conference. Yet, a gray Redefining Spina Bifida shirt warranted a huge bear hug. These are my fellow mommas and daddas, and each one of them has a special place in my heart. It was so wonderful to be together and have this golden opportunity to get together. We needed more time.... so much more time.

I volunteered for the conference (this was a blessing/curse) They kept me busy... and I did not have the opportunity to pick my sessions. I did end up in some fantastic sessions, both informative and encouraging.
The conference kinda leaves you in a mental state of overload and paranoia at the same time.. so that is all something I am still processing. If there is one thing that I could point out as having learned it is this...

Do not ever let the fact that Carson has spina bifida dictate or direct his life, our life. If he wants to dance.. make it happen. Ha ha... Dancing was her demonstration and I promised that I would let him dance if he wanted to... It was a hypothetical situation... Ok, I take it back... I will not let Carson tap dance... but this has nothing to do with spina bifida so I'm deeming it ok to not keep that promise. I will keep the promise to not hold him back. Never let spina bifida define him or hinder him. Parents play a huge role in the independence and the attitude of the child. This is something that has been heavy on my heart. It is my prayer that I direct both my children towards success in life, both physical and spiritual. I pray that my boys grow to be godly men who love and serve their families and the Lord. Happy, sweet, strong, stable, hardworking,  loving, and thankful are among a few of the qualities I wish in them... None of these rely on the fact of Carson walking, none. None. Spina Bifida does not and cannot be allowed to hinder these. The session encouraged me to look past walking, for some reason this is so important to us, but why???? God does have a plan, and Carson's heart is most valuable.

It was a good time, a crazy time... I cannot believe we did it. Carson is still in his cast and Silas is only 2 months old.... But we did it. Were crazy kids thats what we are. We did have some family fun. We held up 3 suckers to Carson (small, medium, large) here he is pointing to the one he wanted.  Seriously.... the boy knew...

These two are just too adorable. My boys. :)

 It was a blast...
But there's no place like home.
 And homemade ice cream.... Ya Silas got to try ice cream. Now before you call the Child services on me or cast "bad" mom status. It was Fourth of July and it was 104 degrees outside.... and how could you resist that grin.
 I meant the grin of Silas... but this next grin was irresistable too and I shared with him as well
 Ya, It was amazing!!! And Silas was very grateful. :) We used it as a lesson in thankfulness. See.. good mom points.
 Off to the family BBQ.... Did I mention it was 104 degrees??? Carson couldn't resist playing in the fountain, and yes we let him. Holding him in... being very cautious to keep his cast dry... Until we started a splash fight. :) He lost and got drenched... thankfully the cast stayed dry (mostly).

We hope that you all had a very happy Fourth of July. What a blessing it is to be in America and be free.


  1. OMG Silas is getting so big!
    Carson looks like he had a blast in that fountain! I love his green little casts, we got boring ones.

    I think we can all agree that the only way to keep us quiet with Children Services is to make us some ice cream!

  2. It was SO great seeing you and the family at the conference. You all look GREAT - I love the new hair!!! Your boys are adorable and getting so big. I so wish you could have seen Annabelle :-( Please, please let me know the next time you will be in town so we can meet up. I added a few new pictures of Belle on her blog, but nothing to family blog in a while. You have to check it out when you have a minute - she's getting big too!

    So glad you guys had a great 4th! Hugs to you my sweet friend.


  3. Yes, you were a little bit crazy to come to conference with a newborn and a kid in a cast, but I'm so glad you did!

  4. I kept looking at you wondering how you did it all, but you did it with a shining smile! You are wonderful!!! I feel so blessed to know you and your sweet family!! XO

  5. Kare-Bear ALWAYS has a smile, even when she has tears! I love her and her fam and my "nephews" so much. They are all such an encouragement to me to lean on God for everything.

  6. It was so great to see you guys and meet sweet baby Silas! What a cutie-pie! Just like his big brother. :)

  7. When did Silas get to be 2 months old?! Wasn't he just born last week! Oh my is he big!
    Looks like you guys had a blast! The conference seems so much fun, and it was great that you guys could go! (And vollunteer is even better!)

    And ice cream is ok when it's your second kid! (I remember not letting Katheryn have a taste of whipped cream when she was 3 months old - NO, it's a milk product, not until a year!). With Nick it was 'ah whatever! It won't kill him!"