Monday, August 22, 2011

Its a update!!

Look out everyone!!!! Its a update to our blog!!!!

Its been quite a while and I do apologize but here we go!

Our last entry told you that Carson got his body cast removed....We were shouting with glee---  No more cast!!!! Well just a few shorts days after that post Carson's legs were broken again. This time however instead of a big huge body cast the ortho. left him in splints. This was a huge blessing, but this of course made us question why only splints. When Carson broke his left femur he was placed in a body cast.... Now he broke his right femur, and his left fibula, and tibia, and splints were ok. Well that's one of those times when you just let it go, and go. Splints are way better than casts, so we left his office before he changed his mind. And we also have learned that arguing with our Ortho. is absolutely pointless. He's a crazy man sometimes, but has proven he's right on multiple occasions.

Like I mentioned before when I told you about the body cast, we again figured things out. With braces he could still fir in his carseat, and use his wheelchair.We still had a no water order..... SHHHH... Don't tell.
We decked him in Target bags ( I'm thinking about pitching the idea to them to place on the bag as a use since they have other catchy ideas) and a trash bag... Ya, its a Glad (can't you tell by his smile)

And after just 4 short weeks the splints were removed to reveal some very hairy, white legs. I'm talking about his, not mine.... :)

Carson has been doing soooo great in his wheelchair, and we have been using it in public alot. This is something like I thought it would be... I kinda dreaded it; but honestly its kinda fun. I love seeing Carson getting around. Tonight we went out to dinner (fast food) and the restaurant was fairly empty so he and I played a little hide and seek. He chased me around and we just laughed and laughed. Then we hit Kohls for some shoes and he wheeled in and out of the aisles having a blast getting away from me. Really my heart just melts with pride and joy. Yes, he's in a wheelchair. No I would have never wanted that. But I'm loving it! I love him, and were not wallowing one bit.

We have had so many people comment while we are out about how well he gets around. They usually ask how old he is, and when we reply that he's close to 2 they are shocked. They generally always mention how cute he is and we get the opportunity to talk about Spina Bifida. It's amazing how many people encourage us, and say something along the lines of "Well, God has a plan for him." We know this to be true and we are so excited to continually see God working and blessing our family. 

The next step for Cars is too get him fitted for braces and then weight- bear!!!! (standing)  Both of these will take place tomorrow so please pray for those appointments.

And in other news- Silas has grown faster than I could have ever imagined. My little 6 pound tiny baby boy is now at least a 15 pound, almost 4 month old, chunky monkey. He has started eating rice cereal, and can just about roll-over. He laughs, He talks :) He likes pajamas, and eating. He's grasping for toys, and loves to have his diaper changed. His first laugh happened while I was changing him.  He sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He's just wonderful. He's full of smiles and sweetness.
Such a man, showing off his belly. 

Showing off his cute little grin. 

I thank the Lord daily that he brought us Silas, and I'm so thankful for the timing as well. I, of course, thought in my own thinking that it was way too soon to have our second. But no, like always, God's timing is best!!! Silas has been such a gift of sweetness, and calm. Yes, a baby has brought calm. There is nothing like holding a baby to help you count you blessings and calm your spirit.

Carson adores his baby brother, and loves to help take care of him. He is learning sharing, and patience too... learning is the key word there. :)  I am sure that the two of them will be the best of friends, and the most dangerous little rascals. :)We are blessed. I've recently been asked about having our third. And after I almost shot soda out my nose... I replied In God's time. All in God's time.

Seriously Silas was smiling at this.

Giving "kisses"
Thank you for your continued prayers and your sweet comments of encouragement. 
Love from our family to yours!!!!!


  1. So glad Carson is out of casts and splints and on his way to the next steps, and also that he is doing so well in his chair. Silas is super cute! Oh, little babies, how I love them!

  2. Aww! Yay! Soooo needed to see those sweet boys. :) And I'm very pleased with such a wonderful report!! Carson and Silas are both growing, healthy, happy boys and that is just fantastic! Blessings overflowing, and so is my heart to read this. Much love sweet friend!!

  3. The picture of Carson driving the car on Silas' head cracks me up because Caleb used to do the same thing to Benjamin!

  4. Thanks for the update! That stinks about having to go in splints, but good for you for making the most out of it! And I love your attitude about the wheelchair. It is so encouraging to my heart. I'll be sure to say a prayer for Carson tonight as he moves toward standing. How exciting!

    And Silas is adorable! I love that photo of him posing with his belly peeking out. Your caption made me laugh out loud!

    Truly, there is nothing better than watching your children fall in love with each other. It is such a blessing. Enjoy!