Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snapshot Saturday!

Thursday we headed down to see the surgeon who performed Carson's hernia repair. I have been concerned lately because it appears that his hernia has returned. Well Dr. Anselmo decided to take a peek and do some pushing around. Carson decided this would be the perfect opportunity to show that his bladder worked. :) Yep, he got the dr. right in the face. After we had our laugh, Dr. Anselmo felt pretty confident that it wasnt a reoccuring hernia but most likely a bladder issue. This meant some more tests. So, Friday, Carson and I headed out for an entire afternoon of imaging.... shoo- wee..... From this not much was learned other than Carson was not a fan of ultrasounds or x-rays. We will have to wait for the follow-ups with the Urologist to know what is going on. The x-ray tech did mention a concern to me: he was confused and had a difficult time finding Carson's bladder. He said, "If that is his bladder, it is not located correctly." That was it---- grrr, ?????????? Now--- we wait and see. :)

Just please continue to keep Carson in your prayers. What a joy and a blessing he is.

I learned how to post videos!!!!! So I will give you a day or so to prepare yourself for the cuteness that is to come. :) Love from our barn.


  1. We can't wait until you post videos! It's too bad you did have the "Doctor Spray Down" on camera....Ha Ha that would of been funny to see! We will keep Carson in our prayers. Thank You, for Snap Shot Saturdays!

  2. That is hilarious about the doctor drenching! Can't wait for Carson videos!

  3. Can't wait for the video!! :) I just love that he got the doc in the face!! His urologist I'm sure would be proud of that stream!!! :)

  4. OH MY!! He has the most adorably expressive face!!!

  5. THAT'S my Flea-J! *ALL* boy, yessir! (snerksnork)

  6. Too funny! You didn't tell me that when you called on your way home! That's great! Since it wasn't my face, that is!! Praying for Carson and for you and Bob too.
    Love and miss you guys!
    Mom #2, Oma