Thursday, April 8, 2010

cast away- round 2

                                                  Get my casts off!!! ---- I feel good!

                                                      What??? put them back on???
Oh well-- Won't slow me down.

Tuesday morning began with a bath for Carson!!! I was so scared about the process of removing the casts, the dr. told me it would take at least an hour of soaking him in hot water and vinegar. Well since I do not like vinegar and Carson does not like baths I was very worried it would be a bad experience. Praise the Lord! It was so easy, I used no vinegar and the casts came right off, and Carson enjoyed his time in the tub! It was so nice to have him castless, but the joy was short lived--- that afternoon he was back in another set. The dr. was pleased with how well the first set took and this next round is more intense, in fact has Carson's feet twisted outward--- odd. I'm just trusting this man (this very old, very old, and very odd man) to know what he is doing. Next week the casts will also include a brace to keep Carson in the frog position in order to help his hip stay in place.  That is going to be interesting for sure. :)


  1. That first picture really shows how much he looks like his dad! He is just sooo animated, Karen! Praying for you guys as you take this journey!!