Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are still here!!!

Hi Ya'll!!!
We are doing very well!! We hope that you are too!! 

Carson has had some pretty big and exciting events in the last week.
1. He started cereal, and boy, oh boy he loves it. I have only been giving him a very small amount, heavily milked down once a day, well now after every feeding he gives me a look and moves his hands up to his mouth... it's so cute. And so far,very good  results from the cereal.
2. He started in home therapy!!!!! And it is therapy. I am so pleased and excited. His teacher (Abigail) is fantastic!!! She has already showed me several exercises that can be done to start working on reconnecting the nerves in Carson's legs.

3. (My favorite) Carson laughs :) Oh, how wonderful it is to hear.

Please be in prayer for us---- Carson's hernia repair is on Thursday down in La.

Lots of love!!!!


  1. LOVE those pictures! So cute!

  2. My goodness! He has such spunk and character... kinda like his Momma!

  3. Oh! My Sweet Potato is SO cute! (not that his "Auntie" is in ANY way prejudice!)