Monday, March 29, 2010

Cast away!

 Well, today we brought a heavier boy home from La.
Was it the green beans he ate for lunch???

No, it's those new white socks. :) As seen on tv. 
Carson is wearing his very first casts. These casts will be the first of many (5-10 ) They are called Ponseti's Their purpose is to correct clubbed feet. Although, we will have to learn some new tricks and adjust, Carson doesn't seem to mind them at all. (He matters most)


  1. He looks happy as a clam, not even phased! Is anything "harder" with the casts? Dressing? Diapering? Holding?

  2. That kid is all smiles...what a trooper! Cute pics.

  3. That's our li'l Fleajay! (yes, "Auntie" has given the Sweet Potato a new nickname! Flea Jr. aka Fleajay)

  4. He looks adorable and happy! These kids are super heros! Go Carson!

  5. Such a sweet little man! I so enjoyed going to his therapy last week (and the week before) It is a joy to see how he is growing and getting stronger every day. The casts are lovely, sort of...but the blessing is that he doesn't mind! Wow, God is so good...AL the time! Love you all!!