Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snapshot Saturday--- getting well!

Carson had a yucky cold this week.
                                                   He showed some disinterest in his toys.
                                                                 Was more snuggly
                                                                           and tired.

But even through many encounters with the hated bulb syringe, he has been such a good boy- In all truth, most times after he sneezes or coughs, He gives a big smile.
               At therapy this week- His teacher was very pleased with how well he has been doing.
      He is able to lift himself up on to his elbows, and also hold himself in a crawling stance. His Oma was very
                                               proud of him, and he enjoyed the praise from her.
This coming week we will be seeing the orthopedist and start the ponseti casting to correct his clubbed feet. He will also be having another ct scan to check his hydrocephalus level. Please keep us in your prayers.

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  1. What a cute, cute boy! Glad he is feeling better! It seems the bulb syringe is the nemesis of every baby...